If you are hoping to protect any valuable equipment in a factory, office, or data centers, then perimeter control security is a necessity for you. Also, if you plan to keep trespassers away from your premises, then active security systems are the answer to your problem.

Unfortunately, many property owners believe a simple perimeter fence is sufficient. Fences alone might be enough for low-risk sites but not for high-risk sites. It is our responsibility to educate you of the vulnerabilities you might face because of inadequate security.

CAST Perimeter latest generation LEDs

Lighting is the most important aspect of perimeter control security, especially at night. CAST Perimeter Lighting offers the latest LEDs for the perimeter security network. Moreover, deployable with an intelligent security network with a unique feature of Flash Glare.

2 types of perimeter security

Security fence

Security fences are one of the earliest forms of security. Fences secure the premises and keep intruders out of secured areas. Also, if there are residents nearby, they would know to keep their distance from a fence.

CAST Perimeter CPL2 lighting is the perfect solution for high-risk sites. Security fences need to be illuminated to monitor the boundary through cameras. Therefore, deploying CPL2 with security fences is an effective method to make your presence known to intruders.

Infrared Light beam detectors

You probably have seen infrared light beams in science fiction movies. The hero using his unreal agility to get past the unbreachable spectrum of light. However, that's movie stuff; infrared light beams are connected from end to end on fences in real life. Whenever an intruder tries to pass through the invisible lights, the alarm is triggered, notifying the authorities.

CAST Perimeter Lighting offers two infrared products for its consumers. They are deployable with your choice of the intelligent security system.

Low-cost, low-voltage, durability

Our visible light LEDs are one of their kind. Firstly, it set an example for the lighting industry. Low-cost, low-voltage, and durability all in one product is something you don't find every day. For example, CPL3 Generation 3 Series has many traits in a very affordable price tag.

  • Custom stem length available
  • An adjustable knuckle to 22' beam angle adjustment
  • A luminaire shape that limits glare from water run-off
  • A junction box that is quick to connect to the fence and easy to maintain
  • Solid Castings that last to protect the perimeter in the most extreme conditions
  • Simple wire splice and easy maintenance design
  • Easily Field Repairable Electronics


If you have an outdoor location that needs to be secured from intruders with illumination, then CAST Perimeter Lighting is available to help you. Contact us for a full examination of your property before installing perimeter lights. And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!