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Steer clear of getting robbed. Investing funds in infrastructure and employees is financially exhausting. Securing them is important for the growth of any company. First of all, mount up a perimeter around your property. The next step is to add sensors and cameras along with alarms to strengthen your fence. The last step is to attach effective and robust lighting, and that is most important.

Usually, disturbances happen at night, so it makes you vulnerable to intruders and thieves. Powerful lighting can intimidate intruders even before they begin. All these components complete and powerful fence alarm sensors.

3 factors to address


Glare is something uncomfortable to the eyes. The human eye is a special feature that works by creating an image with the help of light. Glare damages the lens and the person exposed to it faces the loss of sight temporarily. Not only this, but it also disturbs camera image quality. In short, glare is harmful to all your network components including guards.


We have all experienced the cramped vision caused by reflection. On metal surfaces, light reflects and enters the eye directly. Leaving no option but to close the eyes. This is not what we hope for when guarding our perimeter. A reflection destroys camera images with a focused bright beam.


Shadows are the worst enemy of a security network. With all the natural obstructions, buildings, and security poles shadows are eminent. However, removing them is not very hard. Just requires the expertise that CAST Perimeter has for you!

How CPL3 eliminates issues

CAST Perimeter Lighting ensures removing all these issues. With CPL3 Generation 3 series users experience glare-free lighting. With strategic placement of lighting fixtures and adjusting height accordingly shadows and reflections are reduced to a minimal level.

CAST Perimeter CPL2 lights

CPL2 light is the second generation of light fixtures that proved to be durable. This product delivers low-voltage light on either side of the fence alarm sensor system. With glare-free illumination, it increases the effectiveness of the system by improving camera imagery. It has the ability to switch between color mode and white light to reduce the amount of space required to save footage.

Moreover, it requires only one technician to install the fixtures in a short space of time. Easy installation process saves time further


CAST Perimeter Lighting is here to help you eliminate these issues from your network. As a result, the fence alarm sensor, cameras, and lighting complete your perimeter security system. Isn't it just perfect! So, what are you waiting for?

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