Have you ever wondered what makes perimeter security, well, secure? It is not the price of the product or how technologically advanced it is. Rather, it is the strategic placement and combination of different security systems that results in effective perimeter security. Perimeter wall security systems are a great way to enhance perimeter security. These include alarms, lights, and various sensors. 

For example, the sensors from PROTECH USA are a great example of quality perimeter intrusion detection systems. From infrared sensors and fences to stereo Doppler detection systems, PROTECH has you covered. Combine their sensors with innovative perimeter lights from CAST Perimeter. As a result, you will have a robust and reliable security system to protect your property.

Perimeter Wall Security Products

At CAST Perimeter, we believe lighting is the first layer of security. We have built on that foundation, and now we have five state-of-the-art lighting products for you to choose from:

  • 3rd Generation CPL3
  • CPL3IR Night Owl
  • CPL2 
  • Wall Pack Light
  • Infrared Wall Pack Light


The CPLX series include CPL3, CPL3IR, and CPL2. Each of these perimeter lights server a different purpose. CPL3 is our most advanced perimeter light yet. It is extensively customizable. Furthermore, it has our FlashGlare technology, which actively defends your perimeter. FlashGlare works by turning the lights on and off every 10 seconds. This cycle repeats four times only. This is to ensure that FlashGlare does not constantly blind people. After all, we don’t want every pedestrian blinded and nauseated by our lighting systems.


CPL3IR Night Owl is the infrared version of CPL3. It is designed to help infrared cameras operate better at night. IR cameras do not work well in complete darkness. CPL3IR floods the area around it with infrared rays. IR cameras can then pick up those infrared rays and view objects in darkness.


Our CPL2 lighting system is a very affordable perimeter lighting solution. Coming up at under $200, CPL2 is a great option to light up your perimeter without burning through your budget. CPL2 lights are protected against power surges. As a result, you can have peace of mind after CPL2 is installed.

Wall Pack Light

CAST Perimeter Wall Pack Lights illuminate narrow areas between buildings. As a result, you can light up your entire property. You can attack Wall Pack Lights onto fences and walls easily. This allows for quick and easy installation. Just like CPL3, Wall Pack Lights also come in an infrared variant to assist your IR cameras.

Moreover, we also have special transformers and cables that you can use to power your CAST Perimeter products. These include:

  • 300-watt Transformer
  • 600-watt Transformer
  • 1200-watt Transformer
  • No-Ox Wire

When perimeter lighting is needed, choose CAST Perimeter as your perimeter light of choice. Reliable, affordable, durable are a few words that describe award-winning CAST Perimeter products. Order today and remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!