Everything that is technology-dependent is in a constant state of evolution. The process of change is the same for perimeter security as well. With the incidence of high-tech monitoring systems, traditional patrolling and use of manpower is not required. Advanced perimeter security systems have taken up a lot of work off human hands. However, using the latest technology isn't the only way to maximize the level of security. Other factors also affect advanced perimeter security. All of these factors work together to ensure you achieve advanced perimeter security. It also minimizes the number of perimeter breaches.

Let’s take a look at some solutions and practices that improve advanced perimeter security.

  • Use innovative and latest technology

The first and foremost solution is to implement the latest technology. Use of innovation does not mean you are keeping up with trends. However, it is meant to give the security system an upper hand against potential intruders. Each advanced perimeter security system that emerges is better than the previous one. In addition to that, it also contains lesser loopholes.

  • Timely threat detection

Threat detection is the next solution to perimeter security. Detection of the breach a few days after the unfortunate incident happened helps no one except the lawyers and detectives. Timely alerts and identification of incoming threats in advance and its location are crucial for advanced perimeter security. Real-time threat detectors can do this job.

  • Active surveillance

Another way to ensure advanced perimeter security is active surveillance. CCTV cameras are effective when it comes to this type of monitoring. However, they can be of no use at night if the lighting isn't proper throughout the fencing. A well-lit fence is achievable through CAST Lighting's fencing solutions.

In addition to that, dark nooks and corners can utilize an IR camera.

  • Efficient response and intrusion alerts

How you combat the incoming threat is also a step towards advance perimeter security solution. It takes care of any breach and intrusion before any significant loss can occur. Sensors and detectors can also identify any changes along the fence. 

  • Sensor integrated perimeters and fencing

Modern technology has enabled us to merge many technologies into a single solution. Combining perimeter intrusion detection and chain link fencing is one such application. Sensors do not need to be installed externally on such fences. Instead, they have built-in sensors to ensure maximum security. In addition to that, chain link fences are cost-effective and don’t require replacement often. Conclusion:

Ensuring you have an advanced perimeter security solution requires a modern, technology-dependent approach. In addition to that, with proper planning, preset guidelines, and response mechanisms should be established. Reliance on technology is not the only thing that accomplishes advanced perimeter security. Additional devices that do not directly serve the purpose of protection are also important.

The biggest factor to protect your property is to include proper low-voltage, low-cost lighting around the fence. In that way, the area is secured through appropriate lighting. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.