Living under a constant threat of tweak security is worrisome. If you are convinced to get rid of it then you are in the right place! Deterring intruders can be tricky but not expensive. If you go through ironclad fence alarm system prices you will notice that too. However, installing the right components that fit right in is key.

How about some invisibility?

Moving forward, infrared light is highly effective. The reason is that it is invisible to the human eye. Yet the human body can experience the heat. But who has the time to notice that when you are carrying out a criminal activity? In short, infrared radiation allow cameras to monitor security perimeter without intruders knowing. Not only this, it switches to white light with the aid of sensors when an intruder approaches the fence.

CAST perimeter infrared wall pack light.

CAST perimeter infrared wall pack light is more than just a light. It is mounted on walls or fences where existing infrared is not substantial. With a quick and easy installation process, this product requires minimal time and labor. Not only this, CAST perimeter infrared wall pack light is safe to use as it operates on low voltage.

CAST Perimeter Lighting offers not one but two infrared lights. Second, in line is CPL3 infrared night owl generation 3 series. In case an event occurs CPL3 infrared also switches to white light. The only difference being that wall pack infrared lights is specially designed to be fitted where normal infrared cannot function

CAST Perimeter High-Power Light

It is not only infrared lights that we offer! There is a variety of lighting fixtures available. While security is our prime focus, CAST Perimeter High-Power Light also contributes to a stellar view. Hence giving an appealing look to your fence.

Furthermore, CAST Perimeter High-Power Light is surge and spike protected. Which means if components experience any voltages spike, it will be protected by sure layer. This provides relief to some extent. Another significant feature is the ability to withstand extreme atmospheric temperatures. The range starts from +55 to -40 degrees Celsius.

Sometimes an issue arises when lighting up hundreds of miles of fence. CAST Perimeter Lighting assures you that the ironclad fence alarm system price is affordable and long-lasting.


All of our products are designed for specific environments. They are mostly deployable on any site. Mentioned below are a few of the list:

  • Commercial
  • Residential Properties
  • Walls and alleyways 

Refer to the product sheet for technical information. Do not waste time and grab your award-winning lights now!

If you are interested in reading about the evolution of the industry and compare ironclad fence alarm system prices, then you can download our eBook. Remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure!