What can you do to ensure top-notch security at the perimeters? Everything, right? Having a safe and secure perimeter is the top priority of everybody. The next question arises, what needs to be done for effective security? What measures can you take for maintaining robust security? Well, we can help you with that. There are many methods for putting up effective security solutions against intruders and other kinds of potential threats. For instance, perimeter lighting, alarm fencing, and CCTV cameras can help you keep an eye on the intruders.

Effective lighting for security:

We know that effective lighting is a mandatory element in maintaining effective security around a property. CAST Lighting works on the motto that, until a perimeter is well-lit, it is not secure.

At CAST Perimeter Lights, we believe that the only way to maintain security and boost the performance of your security systems is through efficient lighting. We bring multiple lighting products for you to choose from. Our range of lighting products covers all the requirements for lighting related to all kinds of perimeters and alarm fencing for security.

Competent Lighting Products:

The list of our competent lighting products includes:
Perimeter lights

CPL3 Lights Wall Pack Lights Night Owl (IR) Generation3 Series Advance feature to disable an intruders eyes Wiring rolls Third-party transformers Dry contact closure interface
Pre-engineered ready to install kits
Out of all these products, the product that piques our interest the most is the CAST Perimeter Pre-Engineered Ready-to-Install Kits, making them easy to design, quote, sell and install because everything is included with the kit
Let’s learn more about them.
Lighting Kits:
The Pre-Engineered Ready-To-Install Kits are the ultimate lighting solution offered by CAST Perimeter. These kits come with all the basic requirements for setting up efficient perimeter lighting systems. You can also integrate these with your alarm fencing and other security systems for optimal performance. 
The kits include:
CAST LED Perimeter Lights
CAST Perimeter Lighting Transformer
No-Ox wire roll
Tie Wraps and Misc connection items
Hence, you can see that these lighting kits offer a complete lighting solution including everything you need for the lighting setup. 

Types of lighting kits:

There are three types of lighting kits available depending upon the lighting product and accessories included in them. 
You can get
CPL2 Lights with 20 ft spacing
Gen3 Lights with 20 ft spacing
Gen3 Lights with 30 ft spacing
Specifications of the kits:
Firstly, we will discuss the CPL2 Kit. This lighting kit comes with 120 Volts CPL2 lights, with a fixture spacing of 20 ft. You can book these lighting kits for a fence length ranging from 80 ft to up to 1200 ft. 
Next in line is the CPL3 Kit with 20 feet spacing. Again, it comes packed with everything you need. Along with the lights, transformers, photocells, and wire rolls, this kit also has 8 Quick-connect Posi-Tap Splice connections, two for each fixture. 
Thirdly, we have the CPL3 Kit including all of the features mentioned above. You can get these lights for fences with a length range starting from 120 ft up to 750 ft. 
To conclude, these lighting kits are the perfect solution for all your lighting requirements and integration with alarm fencing and other security systems. Light up your fences, and remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.