Importance of alarms and sensors for a complete perimeter fence alarm

Setting up a fence is need enough. Further, it needs to be loaded with adequate sensors and cameras. The very first form of security introduced was burglar alarms. Alarms provide users with the opportunity to act while any activity is ongoing thus reducing the damage. This is known as an active perimeter fence alarm. 

Innovative lighting solutions

CAST Perimeter Lighting time and time again continue to produce outstanding lighting products. Winning multiple awards on various occasions. Not only this but also widely regarded as the innovator in the industry. The reason behind CAST Perimeter Lighting's success is that we stay one step ahead of our competitors. Always striving to develop more delicate fixtures to eliminate errors and making your property even more secured.

Long-lasting CAST Perimeter CPL2 series LEDs

The CAST Perimeter CPL2 Series Lights are advanced and innovative LEDs. It delivers quality lighting to increase the effectiveness of your perimeter alarm system.

The CPL2 is the second generation of light fixtures and is built to last. Designed to deliver low-voltage light with a typical coverage diameter of 40 feet providing 20’ of illumination on both sides of the fence. It is effective in all perimeter fence situations but mostly used in medium to low-risk sites. Evenly distributed illumination will eradicate any dark patches around the perimeter. As a result, it will also reduce glare and hence provide cameras with better illumination to capture imagery. 

Furthermore, CAST CPL2 LED requires only one technician to install consequently, reducing labor expenses. Another important characteristic is the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Ranging from -40 to +55 degrees Celsius. Spike and surge-protected to refrain electrical components from malfunctioning in case of any voltage spike.


  • Electrical substations
  • Temporary fencing for construction sites
  • Airports
  • Commercial storage sites
  • Parking lots
  • College campuses
  • Industrial sites
  • Public parks
  • Pathways.


If you are going to install a perimeter fence alarm system then do it the right way. Do not leave any loopholes in your system. Make sure to illuminate your fence properly for satisfying results. In short, install substantial lighting to your fence according to your needs. Statistics prove that perfect lighting not only reduces damage but also prevents any incidents from happening in the first place. So, do not wait anymore and light up your fence because remember if it’s not lit it’s not secure!

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