Maintaining effective security around the perimeters is essential. You should always have well-lit and well-protected perimeters around your property. There are many methods to achieve effective security around the perimeters. Starting from some basic measures like putting up security cameras, perimeter lights, and fence alarms to more complex security systems like electronic laser fence security alert systems, all of these are designed to provide you effective security around the perimeters.

Integral components of well-established security systems:

While all of the above-mentioned measures are effective against potential intruders, some of the measures are more basic than others. For instance, perimeter lights.

In our view, lighting up your perimeters is the first and the most basic step to establish effective security around the perimeters. After all, how can you expect to have secure premises while it's dark all around? In fact, dark blind spots and irregular terrain contribute as favors for the intruders, acting as great hiding spots.

Now you can light up those dark hiding spots with our competent perimeter lights!

CAST Perimeter Lights:

We offer perimeter lighting solutions for secure premises. Moreover, you can integrate our lights with your pre-existing security systems e.g. the electronic laser fence security alert systems to boost their performance and efficiency.

Innovative, high-technology product line:

CAST Perimeter Lighting brings unique, high-technology lighting products for lighting up your perimeters! To enumerate, CAST Perimeter offers six lighting products along with their associated accessories.

The accessories include wire rolls, transformers, and photocells, etc.

CAST Lighting offers the best lighting solutions for all of your perimeter safety requirements. Surely, we know that it is hard for cameras to capture clear images and provide security at night in the absence of light. So, we have launched a dedicated product with infrared lighting to help the cameras capture clearer images at night.

Hence, we introduce CAST Perimeter IR Infrared Wall Pack Light!

CAST Perimeter IR Infrared Wall Pack Light:

It is an incredible product changing the face of night time security systems. The infrared lighting systems help the cameras capture clearer images at night. Furthermore, it can be installed in dark alleyways and walls and can help you reach where the ordinary perimeter lights cannot.

Easy mounting options:

The IR Infrared Wall Pack Light comes with easy installation options. You can mount these on walls or posts with or without the presence of junction boxes. It is super quick and easy to install and is very user-friendly. Certainly, easy integration with other security systems like the electronic laser fence security alert systems makes us your best choice!

Applications and uses:

We can solve all of your security concerns with these amazing lighting products. You can use these at airports, commercial, municipal, and even residential properties. Furthermore, you can also install these lights in high-security areas and buildings where conventional lights cannot reach.

To conclude, we would say that CAST Perimeter Lighting is a complete security solution for your perimeters. Integrate it with electronic laser fence security alert systems to enhance security at the perimeters. And remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.