With the ever-increasing threats of intrusion and vandalism, it is becoming more and more essential for companies and organizations to deploy proper security measures. Undoubtedly, effective security starts at the perimeters, as this is the most vulnerable site. It is easier to put up security against common thieves as compared to the professional thieves and robbers, for whom you’d have to deploy proper security systems to ward them off. Many different types of perimeter intrusion detection systems are available to combat potential threats against your property. Integrate them with perimeter lights from CAST Perimeter to maintain robust security at the perimeters.

The types of perimeter intrusion detection systems:

1-Barrier-mounted – fence Intrusion Detection systems:

Firstly, these types of perimeter intrusion detection systems are deployed on or with a fence that provides a physical barrier and boundary to the premises. Additionally, it helps build a clear image of where your property starts, and from where the trespassers or invaders are not allowed any further.

2-Ground-based or below-ground:

The systems that we use below the ground do not provide a physical barrier. Instead, they work by creating an electromagnetic field for intrusion detection. Also, they can be pressure-sensitive and alert the system when an unexpected intruder stands on the ground.


These types of systems allow you the freedom to choose where you can install them. As they don’t need any physical barrier e.g., a fence for their installation. As the name implies, they are free-standing and you can use them as such. For example, the bistatic microwave link.

4-Rapidly Deployable:

Finally, these systems are very useful for security setup in temporary settings or mobile assets. Hence, the companies and organizations do not mostly use them, as they require long-term protection against threats. Instead, these types of perimeter intrusion detection systems find their best use in the military setup.

To summarize, all of these perimeter intrusion detection systems provide effective security against intruders. Integrate them with perimeter lights from CAST Perimeter for foolproof security.

CAST Perimeter Lights:

When speaking of perimeter lights, the one name that you can rely on is CAST Perimeter. Years of experience in the field enables us to build products that are not only long-lasting but also deliver efficient performance.

Lighting Products by CAST Perimeter:

Our lighting products are low-cost, low-voltage. We bring innovative fence-mounted lighting solutions that can fit with all your perimeter intrusion detection systems. Moreover, the use of the latest advancements in LED technology and lighting optic principles helps us deliver the best products to our clients.

CAST Perimeter offers five lighting products. They are:

  • CPL3 Series
  • CPL2 Series
  • Wall Pack Lights
  • IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights
  • CPL3IR1D1W Infrared Wall Pack Lights

To sum up, all these products offer easy-installation and easy-integration options. This is the reason why our products are the first choice of people for integration with all types of perimeter intrusion detection systems.

Contact us today for free consultation and demo services and remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.