Are you also one of those people who are heavily concerned with the safety of their property? Well, we are on the same page. In this rapidly changing world of technology and modernization, it is hard for us to be sure if we are safe or not. Intruders and people with ill-intentions towards your property are devising new ways to vandalize your property and rob you of your valuable assets. In times like these, it is important that you put up effective security measures around you. Undoubtedly, hiring competent perimeter security services will make sure that your property remains safe and unharmed.

Key steps to effective security:

Following are some of the many methods that you can use to enhance security at the perimeters.

  • Perimeter lights
  • Perimeter alarms
  • Laser fence alarms
  • Electrified fences
  • CCTV cameras
  • Infrared beam alarms
  • PIDS

You can hire competent perimeter security services and they can help you decide which type of security your property and premises require.
Light integration – a basic step:
We believe that perimeter lights are an important part of any perimeter security services. Indeed, you cannot guarantee effective security without first lighting up the perimeters.

CAST Perimeter lights – for added protection:

We introduce CAST Perimeter Lights to you. A name of trust and excellence in the field of perimeter lighting solutions. We have launched many lighting products and accessories to meet all your demands and requirements. We also offer pre-engineered ready-to-install kits that are a complete package including lights and accessories. However, our favorite product among them all is the CAST Perimeter Wall Pack Light.

Wall Pack Lights – a prominent CAST product:

The Wall Pack Light is one of our most used and liked products. It can be used on walls and alleyways of high-security areas and buildings.

Easy mounting options:

These lights come with easy installation options. You can mount them on any walls, posts, they have mounting tabs at the top and bottom that you can use for flush mounting on the walls or other surfaces. Moreover, they have mounting holes in the back plate which align with the standard mounting tabs on single-gang junction boxes.

Uses of Wall Pack Light:

Wall Pack Lights are perfect for use in combination with CCTV cameras. You can install these lights in dark alleyways and walls of the less-reachable areas where the conventional lighting products cannot work efficiently.


Following are some of the most notable features of CAST Perimeter Wall Pack Lights:

  • They provide a glare-free illumination for CCTV cameras
  • IP-66 Rated
  • Safe 24 Volt System
  • The lights are surge and spike protected for increased efficiency
  • We use high-quality LED CREE lights which maximize the performance and durability of our products.

To summarize, it is safe to say that perimeter lights are one of the most necessary ingredients in perimeter security services. Light up your perimeters with CAST Perimeter Lights because, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.