With the modernization of technology, there are innovations in the defense and perimeter security industry. Not only that, but the intruders are also modernizing with every passing day, picking up new ways to attack and vandalize our precious assets. In times like these, it is necessary to put up effective security measures that can help you stay safe and steer clear of intruders. Indeed, one of the best methods to keep the intruders at bay is outdoor lighting.

How does outdoor lighting help you to stay safe?

Lighting up your perimeters is one of the best ways to boost security at the borders. Intruders don’t like to be seen and when you light up the area, you are driving them away like roaches. Many different options are available in the market to light up your premises. It is important that the lights you choose not only fit all your perimeter requirements but are also cost-effective. As most commonly, there are vast lengths of fences to be illuminated, so the lights should not put a strain on your pocket. Moreover, they should be durable to save you frequent maintenance trips.

CAST Perimeter Lights – the ultimate solution:

Keeping in view all of the details that we mentioned above, the one name that comes to our minds is CAST Perimeter Lights. CAST Perimeter brings a complete outdoor lighting solution for all your perimeter lighting needs and requirements. To enumerate, we have six lighting products.

  • CPL2 Series
  • CPL3 Series
  • High-Power Perimeter Lights
  • Wall Pack Lights
  • IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights
  • CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series

These six products are sufficient to cover all types of perimeters. Let us talk about the features that help us to stand atop all the other perimeter and outdoor lighting manufacturers.

Salient features:

Following we are mentioning some of the best features of our perimeter lights.

  • Easy installation options
  • Easy integration with third parties
  • Safe 24V systems
  • Dust and moisture resistant
  • Quality CREE LED Lights
  • Ambient temperature range from -40 to +55 degrees Celsius 
  • Custom stem length 
  • Easily field repairable electronics, etc.

Hence, these are some of the best features that make our products the most user-friendly.

One-man installation process:

In addition to the features mentioned above, CAST Lights offer an easy one-man installation process, keeping in view the latest situation of the pandemic. So, you can enjoy a safe, hassle-free installation of lights at your perimeters.

Flash Glare technology:

Furthermore, you can integrate the lights with Flash Glare technology for added protection against intruders. Flash Glare helps to rapidly cycle the light from complete brightness to total darkness, temporarily blinding the intruders. It gives the concerned authorities enough time to take action against the intruder.


To sum up, CAST Perimeter offers low-cost, low-voltage outdoor lighting solutions for illuminating your perimeters. Our engineers and designers work on the latest principles of LED technology and lighting optics to create lights that meet all your perimeter lighting requirements.

Contact us for lighting up your perimeters for enhanced security at the borders. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.