We realize the importance of safe perimeters and how they can help in maintaining the integrity of your property. This is why we have brought amazing solutions to help you maintain a robust external perimeter security system. Firstly, you have to put up a fence around the perimeters. After that is done, you need to light up the perimeters, because the light is the essence of all security systems.

CAST Perimeter lights:

CAST Perimeter is one of the most trusted manufacturers of perimeter lighting. We deal with a wide range of lighting products and accessories. We have lighting products for all your needs. Our engineers work studiously to create products that can work in harmony when integrated with other security systems, and help you ensure competent external perimeter security.

PoE Lighting Interface:

PoE means Power over Ethernet. You can power electrical equipment that is outside the building with PoE. We can also use it to transmit electrical power in faraway places where the conventional AC power source cannot reach.

Benefits of PoE:

PoE is one of the most beneficial advancements in the field of lighting technology.


The PoE method to power up electrical devices is cost-effective. It doesn’t need to set up electrical circuits in the already constructed buildings. Because it can deliver power over ethernet cables. Moreover, it saves you money over the installation process. Also, they are easy to maintain, so they are cost-effective in the longer run.

CAST Perimeter and EtherWAN:

CAST Perimeter has partnered with EtherWAN to provide the best solutions for maintaining external perimeter security. EtherWAN developed a custom 60W PoE switch is especially to work for CAST PoE Lighting Interface.

Features of EtherWAN 60W Switch:

Furthermore, there are many interesting features of the EtherWAN 60W PoE Switch. The most notable features are mentioned below.

Multiple ports:

The PoE switch comes with multiple ports. To enumerate, there is a total of 12 ports. Out of which 8 are the PoE ports, the rest of the 4 are for SFP.

IEEE Standard power.

The PoE switch comes with the standard 60 Watts IEEE 802.3 AT/BT.

PoE for Perimeter lights:

Evidently, you can use PoE to power perimeter lights over a long-range. The illumination is bright and less costly, and also covers a larger area. PoE can be used to power the lights in places where it is hard to find an AC power source.

PoE for IoT devices:

With PoE, you can control all the Internet of Things devices from one place. Specifically, there are 6 ports for IoT, so you can easily integrate and use them to control your security systems like the CCTV camera, access control, door lock systems.

Intelligent management:

Our 60W PoE switch is equipped with intelligent management. Therefore, you can control the functioning of the lights. You can have them switched on or off at your preferred timing, and save yourself money.

Hence, installing EtherWAN’s PoE switch with the CAST Perimeter PoE Lighting Interface can help you boost your external perimeter security. With this in mind, call us today for easy installation, to ensure a well-lit and safe perimeter. Remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.