To what limits can you go to keep your property safe and secure? Every limit, right? Indeed, most of us want to protect our belongings and will go to every length to ensure their safety. Similarly, it is the same case with perimeter protection. You must maintain effective perimeter protection to keep your premises safe from intruders and unwanted visitors.

How to put up effective security?

There are many methods to ensure effective security around the perimeters. Firstly, the most primary method is to put up a fence around your entire perimeter to keep the intruders out. But more often than not, only putting up a fence is not enough. That’s when you should integrate different security systems with each other to achieve maximal results. Mostly, we integrate perimeter lights with other security systems. Additionally, fence alarms and electric perimeter fence security are other means to ensure protection against perimeters.

Putting up perimeter lights around the fences is one of the most efficient ways to maximize security at the boundaries. You have to make sure that the light has a wide diameter coverage to ensure visibility throughout the area. The lights must also be cheap and cost-effective and give long-term durable results.

CAST Perimeter Lights is one of the best perimeter lighting companies in the market. Known for years of experience in the field, they are the most trustworthy manufacturers of perimeter lights.

The latest innovation:

CAST Perimeter offers its latest product; the CAST Perimeter PoE Lighting Interface. The specialty of this products is that it runs over PoE cables and is cost-efficient to new limits.

What is PoE and how does it deliver excellent results:

PoE means Power over Ethernet. It is one of the latest technologies able to deliver electrical power over ethernet cables. Previously, it was not possible to transmit electrical power over ethernet cables, because they do not have the capacity to transmit huge amounts of power.

But now with the widespread use of low-voltage LED lights, using PoE has become possible.

PoE over regular electrical equipment:

We use PoE to power devices without the need for direct connection with an AC source. This helps a lot in providing power to the equipment which is installed outside and far away from any electrical sources. One of the major uses of PoE is in Perimeter lighting for robust perimeter protection. Along with effective lighting, electric perimeter fence security is a great method to keep intruders away.

Safer and cheaper installation:

PoE offers you a safer and cost-effective installation process, much less in costs than the conventional perimeter lighting would. It is because we use only one Cat 5,6 twisted pair cable to deliver both power and data to the connected devices. The regular maintenance costs are also much less than the conventional lighting setups.

They also provide you a safer installation, without the need for appointing a certified electrician. We use a regular Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable to ensure safe installation and functioning.

To conclude, CAST Perimeter is the ultimate solution for a brightly-lit perimeter. Our lights help you maintain robust lighting for the optimal performance of your electric perimeter security fence and other perimeter security systems.