Perimeter surveillance radars have a great range and proven accuracy. Radars can track multiple targets simultaneously. You can enhance your perimeter security by using CAST Lighting products with third-party radar systems.

Install Perimeter Surveillance Radars for Added Security

Perimeter radars are a great addition to any perimeter security system, and they can detect movements up to hundreds of meters. For instance, you can pair up radars with perimeter lights to stop intruders from trespassing over your property. As a result, radars can alert you of movements instantly. Some radar systems are very easy to deploy.

Use CAST Lights to Enhance Perimeter Security

CAST Lighting has durable, long-lasting, and reliable perimeter lighting solutions available. A lot of CAST products are compatible with third-party attachments such as radars. Motion sensors and radars can help you create an automated perimeter lighting system. Let’s look at our product lineup in detail.


We have designed our CPL2 lights to assist existing security systems such as CCTV cameras. This model uses a low-voltage design to light up 40 feet in diameter. CPL2 has a glare-free illumination system. As a result, the bright light does not hinder cameras. You should use CPL2 in low or medium risk areas. Furthermore, CPL2 includes built-in surge and spike protection along with IP66 water resistance. CPL2 is easy to install, a rugged lighting system that delivers quality light.



CPL3 is our most advanced lighting system to date. You can integrate Generation 3 Lighting systems with other security systems such as radars. This allows your perimeter lights to turn on automatically if intruders are detected. With CPL3, you have the option to choose between 8, 12, 16 and 25-watts LEDs. Moreover, CPL3 is also compatible with our FlashGlare technology. FlashGlare blinds and disorients intruders by flashing lights every 10 seconds. You can customize this lighting system with accessories, extensions, and spacing kits. The CPL3 has won several awards over the years for its superior performance and reliability.

CPL3 Infrared 

CPL3 Night Owl is the infrared version of the CPL3 system. It can switch between visible light and infrared whenever needed. Infrared enhances the capabilities of night vision cameras. Also, you can use different monitoring systems that switch the Night Owl to visible light as soon as movement is detected. Furthermore, this system also uses low-voltage technology and can even operate in temperatures as low as 40C. 

Wall Pack Light

Our wall pack lights are perfect for illuminating building perimeters and pathways. These use little energy and are very easy to install. CAST Perimeter wall pack lights have IP66  water resistance. The portable size and easy installation allow you to use these light packs temporarily and move them whenever needed. Our wall pack light is also available in an infrared variant.


CAST Lighting is a credible company with products powered by patented innovative technologies. We aim to provide you with the best possible perimeter lighting systems. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!