Securing a property is not limited to just the front door or entrance. According to the latest studies, the proper perimeter security system can cut the crimes by almost 50%. In addition to that, security personnel can detect and respond with better efficiency with the use of a high-tech boundary security network.

Features of the best perimeter security systems:

  • Ensure security day and night
  • Integrates with several security systems
  • Constant surveillance and monitoring
  • Preset response system in case of any intrusion
  • Established alarm systems for intrusion threat alerts
  • Usage of multiple sensors and detectors
  • Appropriate utilization of light for both human vision and CCTV cameras

Components of Best perimeter security systems

A perimeter security system is a single unit. It comprises all the security and non-security components. Let’s take a look at some of the important components that ensure the best perimeter security.

Perimeter sensors:

Perimeter sensors are another vital component that ensures developing the best perimeter security solution. These sensors, especially, laser detectors are very efficient in detecting incoming threats.  They are low-cost and easy to install.  In addition to that, they are invisible, thus, the intruder will not know they have been seen. Moreover, integration with cameras is done for capturing the intruder’s image and break-in which can be used to prosecute.

Perimeter alarm system:

A perimeter alarm system works in collaboration with the detection systems to alert authorities in case of any breach or intrusion. It is an integral part of having an efficient security system.  Moreover, alarm systems are used for buildings and premises that require high-security such as military bases, offices, airports, etc. It helps by limiting access to an unauthorized individual and prevents the events of robbery and intrusion.

Perimeter fencing:

Chain link fencings and rolled mesh fencings are used to build boundaries to prevent potential intrusions. However, the modern perimeter security system enhances the overall effectiveness of fencing. In most security applications, the motion detectors and infrared sensors attach with fences to sense climbing, cutting, or lifting the perimeter fences, and lighting at night chases them away.

Perimeter Lighting system

A perimeter lighting system is a different version of outdoor lighting. It does not only improve visibility, but it also enhances the security cameras so they can see at night. CAST Lighting offers such perimeter lighting systems. Moreover, security lights reinforce the security system. Its use in other places can reduce the crime rate, vandalism, and illegal activities around that physical parameter.

Video surveillance system

Surveillance cameras have been used for decades to enhance indoor and outdoor security. These systems detect any sort of invasion of burglars, thieves, or entry of unauthorized personnel. Moreover, you can effortlessly monitor and control the activities around physical perimeters. Security experts recommend installing proper CCTV surveillance systems to ensure a high-level of security. 


Integrate your premises with the best perimeter security. Among other components, low-voltage and low-cost perimeter lighting is also a crucial aspect of security.  CAST Lighting offers long life, low-voltage, and budget-friendly lighting solutions for your perimeter protection. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.