Modern perimeter defense systems are something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Gone are the days of conventional walls and gates. Well, they still exist, but they too have been integrated with technology. Modern perimeter security systems include infrared fences, seismic and motion sensors, radars, cameras, and perimeter lights. At CAST Perimeter, we strongly believe that lighting is essential for security. Therefore, we have dedicated, and sophisticated perimeter lighting systems designed to protect your property.

The Need for Perimeter Defense Systems

One of the burning questions in the security world is: how to maintain robust security at perimeters. Security is very important, especially in the modern digital age, where it has become easier to vandalize your property by various means. Therefore, engineers and designers worldwide are busy creating the most effective perimeter defense systems to build a safer world around you.

There are various types of security systems created all over the world. Before the advent of modern security systems, proper security required guards standing 24/7 at the borders. However, high-risk security areas need more manpower which becomes expensive quickly. Over time, advances in machinery and technology are replacing humans in many areas of life.

Following are some of the best perimeter security solutions in the market:

  • Perimeter lights
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Fence alarms
  • Infrared beam fences
  • Electrified fences

CAST Perimeter Lights

CAST Perimeter considers providing the best lighting solutions to customers its responsibility. We are a leading perimeter lighting manufacturer, trusted by many around the globe. Let’s look at a few reasons for this.

Innovative Products

We have launched many lighting products to suit all your perimeter lighting needs.

  • CPL3
  • CPL3IR Night Owl
  • CPL2
  • Wall Pack Light
  • Infrared Wall Pack Light

Although all CAST Lighting products are specialized in their ways and provide superior performance, the Wall Pack Light is our personal favorite.

CAST Perimeter Wall Pack Light

Our Wall Pack Lights see use in commercial, residential, and municipal properties. You can use these lights on walls and narrow alleyways of buildings.

Key features

The Wall Pack Lights provide you glare-free illumination, whether it’s on fences or walls. Therefore, these lights are best used with surveillance cameras because there is no glare to affect them. Furthermore, Wall Pack Lights operate on a safe 24-volt system. As a result, it is resistant to damage by power surges and spikes.

Easy to Install

One of the many benefits of Wall Pack Lights is the ease of installation. For instance, You can mount Wall Pack Lights on walls and fences with or without a junction box. Consequently, with a simple and quick installation, these lights are a hassle-free way to illuminate your property.

In summary, CAST Perimeter has all your perimeter lighting needs covered. Use our affordable, durable, and reliable lights to light up your property. And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.