Maintaining effective and robust security at the borders and perimeters of your property is crucial to a safe working environment We can help you upgrade your perimeter security through perimeter lights integrated with fence alarm systems and other PIDS. It doesn’t matter if your property is a corporate office or residential property, safety is the primary importance and we can help you achieve that.

Perimeter lights for integration with security systems:

Perimeter lights are the primary tool of safety against intruders and fall in the first line of defense. Surely, at night when the dark falls, intruders find it easy to invade the privacy of someone else’s property. What can stop them? The fear of being seen. This is why we say that the perimeter lights and perimeter security go hand in hand.

Perimeter lights and fence alarms:

We know that the fence alarm systems play a very important role in scaring away any unwanted intruders. The same is the case with perimeter lights. When an intruder approaches nearby, a noisy alarm and bright bold lights will be the first thing to scare them off. Hence, we know that lights are important for perimeter security.

CAST Perimeter Lighting Products:

We understand the need for lights for competent perimeter security. So, we have developed all the necessary tools and products to help you illuminate your fences for better security.

Pre-Engineered Ready-to-install kits:

The engineers at CAST Perimeter have a deep regard for all your lighting issues and concerns. So, we have developed a complete lighting solution for all your needs. Introducing the pre-engineered ready-to-install lighting kits.

Ready-to-install Kits:

These kits come with all the basic elements of a perimeter lighting setup included in them. Perimeter lights, transformers, photocells, and rolls of wires are all included in our kits. The ready-to-install kits come in three categories, depending upon the model of the lighting products and also, the spacing between the light fixtures. You can choose the category that best suits the needs of your premises and integration with the fence alarm systems. You can also contact us for help.

The benefits of a ready-to-install kit:

Saves you time and cost:

Getting a ready-to-install kit will help you save the time and costs you had to put in buying the product. Our engineers have carefully customized each deal for you to have maximum feasibility.

Compatible products:


All the kits are hand-selected to have the most compatible products and accessories fitted with each other. It ensures you will have a smooth experience with the lights.

Hassle-free installation:

Our ready-to-use lighting kits will give you a hassle-free experience in installation and usage.

A one-for-all solution:

We bring multiple options for you to choose from. There are different kits available depending upon the length of the fence that you need to illuminate as well as the lighting products and model that you require to use.

To conclude, CAST Perimeter Lighting Ready-To-Install Kits provide you a one-for-all and hassle-free lighting experience. Light up your fences, because if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.