With the advancement in information technology, a lot of things have changed in the past few decades. The same goes for the perimeter security industry. Evolution was meant for positive changes, but soon criminals got their hands on the latest technology. Therefore, it became necessary to introduce innovation in the security industry.

Although perimeter fence security has been part of human history since humans started building anything, however, nowadays a fence guarding critical infrastructure is not enough. Best perimeter security cameras are necessary for complete surveillance of the perimeter fece. Some property owners also install electric fences to deter intruders with electric pulse shock.

New beginning

Protech USA and CAST Perimeter Lighting have come together to develop a complete security system. Protech’s perimeter intrusion detection system is integrated with CAST Perimeter Lighting fixtures equipped with a flash glare feature. Upon the detection of an intruder, CAST Perimeter Lighting fixtures take intruders by surprise with flash glare. It impairs visual ability of intruders. Thus, giving intruders no option but to run for their lives!

Other benefits of CAST Perimeter Lighting

Setting up a fence requires adequate lighting. CAST Lighting provides lighting solutions with ready-to-install kits. They are easily deployable with existing fence structures. Various types of transformers are available to provide a safe electrical supply.


Last in line is the CAST 1200W, 24V Perimeter® Lighting System Transformer. As the name suggests, this transformer provides 1200 watts of power. These are easy to install with simple steps. Transformers will provide safe passage for energy to reach lighting, subsequently lighting up your fence for best security perimeter camera surveillance.

It is vital to ensure safety of the employees for carrying out daily tasks and performing maintenance. Therefore, CAST Perimeter transformers are a must for a safe perimeter security system.

If you wish to explore our products further, visit our website now, but before that, go through our 4-step process to select the most suitable product according to your requirements.

Four easy steps to secure your fence perimeter security system

  • Choose Your Light: Pick the light that best suits your need
  • Determine Distance: Determine the distance of the fence
  • Choose Options: Control with photocell and add a timer to set the lights off during the daytime.
  • Get Your Quote: Contact us to get a personalized quote from one of the CAST lighting manufacture representatives because having an expert opinion can always escalate the process.
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If you have any ambiguity, do not hesitate to contact us now! Our representatives would be more than happy to entertain your requests and even give a demo on your site free of cost! Install CAST Perimeter Lighting with Protech USA perimeter intrusion detection for optimal security. And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!