Despite installing the best security equipment, intruders still find a way to rob property owners. The reason behind this is not how much money they spend on security systems. It is about what they spend on. Traditional lighting products are much more expensive than today’s innovative and compact LED strip lighting for security. So, is outdated technology better than the latest one?

Why is LED strip lighting the preferred choice for security?

It is important to spend the money on the right choice. So that you may protect against intruders and burglars. The latest innovations in the lighting industry have helped to create products that are more efficient and consume lesser energy. They also help you to cut down the maintenance costs as well. So, the question is how do you pick the perfect product?

CAST Perimeter Lighting helps their clients in making the right decision. Hence, here you can learn everything about perimeter lighting and make the best choice!

CAST Perimeter latest generation LEDs

CAST Perimeter Lighting offers the latest LEDs for the perimeter security network. A complete security network consists of lighting, alarms, sensors, cameras, radars, and much more. However, lighting is a very crucial part. Especially at nighttime, the perimeter fence detection system needs lighting to detect movements.

Infrared lighting solution

We also provide infrared lighting solutions. Infrared is invisible to the human eye, hence, offering a unique characteristic. Two infrared products that we offer are:

  • CPL3IR Night Owl Generation 3 Series
  • CAST Perimeter IR Infrared Wall Pack Light

Both are precisely developed infrared lighting fixtures with the ability to function with any intelligent security network. Moreover, they are essential for perimeter fence detection as it helps sensors to detect movements.

Low-cost, low-voltage, durability

Our visible light LEDs are one of their kind.

Firstly, it sets an example for the lighting industry. Low-cost, low-voltage, and durability all in one product is something you don’t find every day.

For example, CPL3 Generation 3 Series has many traits at a very affordable price. Its features are listed as follows:

  • Custom stem length available
  • An adjustable knuckle to 22' beam angle adjustment
  • A luminaire shape that limits glare from water run-off
  • A junction box that is quick to connect to the fence and easy to maintain
  • Solid Castings that last to protect the perimeter in the most extreme conditions
  • Simple wire splice and easy maintenance design
  • Easily field repairable electronics

Pre-engineered kits

CAST Perimeter Lighting’s Pre-Engineered ready install kits include CPL2 and CPL3 lights. Along with transformers, wiring, photocell, and transformers. How convenient is that? Kits are introduced to cover the long length of fences with all the necessary hardware included in them.

What else do we offer?

CAST Perimeter Lighting is the leading lighting solution provider in the industry. Adjusting with the changing technology and producing innovative products. Not only security lights but also gadgets like CAST PoE for enhancing user’s experience. EtherWAN switch powers lights and IoT devices over ethernet cable. Isn’t this fascinating? Read more about it on our website.

Act now and set up an unbreachable perimeter fence detection system. Let the intruders know they should stay away from your property by lighting it up. And remember, if it is