In the world of sensors and Intrusion perimeter protection, there are multiple options to choose from. Intrusion perimeter protection is typically mounted on the perimeter fence and can sense when an intruder grabs, attempts to climb or cut a fence and sends a signal to a command center or using a dry contact closure signal, turns on perimeter lights that are mounted on the fence. Typically, customers use a low cost, low voltage lighting solution such as CAST Lighting in NJ.   

Let's take a look at the main advantages offered with Intrusion perimeter protection.


Intrusion perimeter protection solution is used around the world and is recognized for providing quality products and excellent security systems. The sensors are highly efficient. In addition to that, all the projects from the manufacturers are designed to meet the individual needs of most clients. A variety of sensor types are available on the market and a quick google search will identify them.


In addition to sensors, Intrusion perimeter security also works seamlessly with low voltage, low cost perimeter LED Lighting solutions to provide double protection to deter intruders from attempting to break in or climb or cut a fence. These solutions aid the security around the perimeter. Additionally, it not only integrates with the perimeter security system, but it is highly efficient.

Moreover, its accuracy prevents incidents of false alarms which is always a big concern with property owners. These false alerts are usually due to the following things:

  • Solar glare
  • Shadow
  • Reflection off water
  • Extreme weather conditions like Hail, Snow, Fog, and Rain
  • Continuous movements

The use of a robust system connected to LED lights help prevent false alarms because of the factors mentioned above.


Intrusion perimeter protection technology also deals with access point security sensors. Complete perimeter protection is not possible without full-fledged security at access points. As total security solution providers, Intrusion perimeter protection is ensured through the implementation of robust systems at access points as well. 

One of their efficient products for the indoor access point is Accurance 3D. It is a tailgating detection system for two-door interlocks. Additionally, it adds an extra layer of security. It aids the access control system. Moreover, it ensures single occupancy inside the interlock.


Intrusion perimeter protection solutions are found around the world along with the CAST Lighting low voltage, low cost LED lighting solutions.


Using intrusion perimeter protection along with perimeter lighting offers a strong solution that not only detects and deters intruders, but with the CAST Lighting “FlashGlare” feature can also chase them away without human intervention.  To learn more, contact CAST Lighting and ask about the FlashGlare feature. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.