Protection of essential assets, locations, and areas to prevent vandalism, breaches and misuse are crucial for any property. Security measures that involve patrolling and human interventions are no longer enough. These measures are not cost-effective and don't ensure a high level of protection.

Advancement in technology has enabled us to utilize sophisticated systems to stay protected. These systems use a wide variety of tools to help keep the premises secure. Use of an integrated perimeter security system is one way to achieve round the clock protection.

Let’s dig into the topic and take a look at some of the advantages of an integrated perimeter security system.

Benefits of integrated perimeter security system

Real-time monitoring

The perimeter security system offers constant surveillance of the entire premises. Monitoring in real-time is advantageous as it provides timely alerts in case of a breach. 

Reduction and prevention of breaches

Perimeter security forms a defense line around the area. It helps reduce and prevent breaches before they start. It helps control unauthorized access and intrusions.

Cost-effective protection

Security systems are mostly a onetime investment and last for a very long time. In addition to that, they are economical and cost significantly less as compared to asset loss.

Access control

Perimeter security gives you complete control over the entry points. These measures ensure that only authorized personnel enter the restricted areas.

Equipment used in an integrated perimeter security system

An integrated perimeter security system uses a broad array of tools and instruments in combination. These tools work together to ensure the overall security of the area. Here are some of the components of perimeter security systems.

Appropriate lighting

Adequate lighting is essential, especially for nighttime security. It is better to use low-voltage, and low-cost LED lights that have the efficiency to work long hours.

Activity detectors and sensors

There is a variety of sensors that are available on the market. Motion detectors and heat detectors are mostly used in the perimeter security systems.


CCTV is a camera monitoring system with the live video feed. For closed spaces and blind corners around the perimeter of an area, video cameras are usually installed to secure any blind spaces.


Creating an integrated perimeter security system is the most effective way to secure the premises. It can be applied in vast areas as well as remote spaces. Use of combination devices for a single purpose is the modern approach to obtain high-end security, and adding low-voltage, low cost LED lights is the best solution. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.