As the world is advancing it has negative effects on society as well. Because thieves get their hands-on latest technology, installing a property perimeter alarm system has become compulsory. To make sure you are always one step ahead, you need an active perimeter intrusion detection fence. This will not only keep you protected but also enable you to act when an activity is ongoing. Therefore, it will increase the effectiveness of your property perimeter alarm.

Secure perimeter with CAST Perimeter Lighting

When you are done creating a perimeter, the next precaution is lighting up your fence. Even though you are secured with a fence but still without lights you are vulnerable to intruders. Thus, now you need robust lighting for your fence. CAST Perimeter Lighting is striving to provide powerful lighting solutions. Winning multiple awards on various occasions to set the bar high in the industry.

Key features for best illumination

Eliminating every little flaw will raise the strength of your perimeter system. Firstly, glare-free lighting is the root of an effective lighting system. reducing glare will help guards and closed-camera circuit to detect any sort of movement immediately. Secondly, evenly distributed illumination will contribute to an active network combined altogether. As a result, this will give you the best view of your property.

Pre-engineered kits

CAST Perimeter Lighting has designed especially purpose-built kits to be deployed on short notice. Now we will go through CAST Perimeter Pre-Engineered ready to install kits.

Option 1: CPL2 LED

We offer two different options that use different LEDs. The primary focus is to enhance property perimeter alarm with adequate lighting. First is CPL2 with 20 feet spacing in between lights. Following is the description of this package:

(4) CAST LED Perimeter Lights (CPL2)

CAST Perimeter Lighting Transformer 300VA (CPT300) or (E1CPT300)

CAST Photocell (CTPC)

500ft. roll, #14/2 No-Ox Wire (CLW142500)

As the length increases of the fence, subsequently, the number of CAST Perimeter CPL2 LEDs increase stretching to the length of your property perimeter alarm system.

Option 2:  CPL 38, CPL 312, CPL 316, and CPL 325 LEDs

On the other hand, option 2 uses CPL 38, CPL 312, CPL 316, CPL 325. These are usually used for more light on the fence because these lights project over 50’ on each side of the fence for a total of over 100’ of light. Following is the description of this option for 20 feet spacing between lighting fixtures for 80’ of fence:

(4) CAST LED GEN 3 Perimeter Lights (CPL325)

CAST Perimeter Lighting Transformer 300VA (CPT300)

CAST Photocell (CTPC)

500ft. roll, #14/2 No-Ox Wire (CLW142500)

(8) Quick-connect Posi-Tap splice connections (CPQC1) (2 per fixture)


It is also available in 30 feet spacing but 20’ is the recommended distance for the best lighting distribution. All of our mentioned products have an instructional manual available on the product page.

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