If you own a property, then surely you would understand the importance of good perimeter security. While every year, tens of thousands of feet of chain-link fences are installed to protect the perimeters, we believe that the chain-link fences alone are not enough to provide robust protection. So, here we will discuss the next best option which is the electric fence and alarm systems. As the name suggests, the electric fences have current running through them and are an excellent means of protection against burglars and intruders.

Let us see how electric fences can help you secure your properties.

How to maintain robust security with electric fence alarm systems:
Electric fences are simple fences with current running through them. When an object comes in close contact with the fences, the circuit is completed and the object in contact is electrocuted. Surely, the current is not strong enough to lethally harm the body, but it is strong enough to push the intruder away and even render them unconscious for a while.

Simultaneously, the alarm systems notify the concerned authorities, so that timely action can be taken against the intruders.

Amplify the level of security by lighting up:

Have you ever considered how can you amplify the perimeter security at your properties? Indeed, electric fences provide a great option to secure the borders, but they only notify of an intrusion after the attempt. For instance, the alarms will start ringing once the intruder is already in contact with the fence and is electrocuted. 
We bring an alternative solution to magnify the perimeter security at your borders by lighting it up! Surely, lighting up the premises will help you to catch the intruder before he even attempts to make an intrusion attempt. 
They do this by increasing the visibility of the premises to help you keep a close eye. The lights also help the surveillance cameras to capture better images and clearer footage to be viewed later on.

CAST Perimeter Lighting:

CAST Perimeter Lighting is the leading manufacturer of perimeter lights and associated accessories. We have years of experience in the field that helps us to deliver the best products. The engineers and designers at CAST Perimeter strive to deliver only the best products and services.

Innovative product line:

CAST Perimeter offers over five perimeter lighting products.

They are:

  • CPL3 Series
  • CPL2 Series
  • Wall Pack Lights
  • CAST Perimeter Infrared Lights
  • CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series

Features and properties:

Some of the best features of our lights are:

Easy-installation options:

All our products offer easy installation options, especially, the Wall Pack Lights. You can install them in the walls and alleyways of high-security areas and buildings, where other conventional lighting products cannot reach. 

Easy-integration options:

You can integrate our products with intelligent third-party security systems to offer the best results. Moreover, you can integrate our lights to automatically turn on or off at the slightest intruder detection.

To sum up, CAST Perimeter Lighting offers the best solutions for lighting up your perimeters for advanced security. Call us today or visit our website for further details. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.