With the ongoing situation of the world, security concerns are increasing every day. Therefore, experts are devising new ways of technology to upgrade the security at the perimeters. CAST Perimeter Lights is also actively taking part in making your perimeters secure. We have come up with innovative lighting products to integrate with your existing PIDS perimeter intrusion detection systems to help boost your security.

Perimeter Lights for boosted security:

We all know that perimeter lights and a secure perimeter go hand in hand. One is not complete without the other. You can put up big fences around your property but until your perimeter is well-lit, it won’t establish complete security.

Similarly, you can put up several CCTV cameras around your perimeters along with the entrance and exit points, but until there is enough lighting around those cameras, they won’t make a big difference. CCTV cameras and other methods of maintaining security like the PIDS perimeter intrusion detection systems only truly function to their full capacity in the presence of light.

CAST Lighting Products:

CAST Lighting is a dedicated lighting company, striving for excellence and aiming to provide you the best low voltage lighting solutions. We have a wide range of lighting products and accessories to help you upgrade your security at the perimeters. So, choose the one product that suits the needs of your perimeter the best, and you’re good to go.

Here is the list of our lighting products.

  • CPL2 lights
  • Generation 3 Series Lights (come in 8W,12W,16W and 25W
  • Night Owl Series (IR product line)
  • Wall Pack Lights

Hence, we have a variety of products to choose from. Below we are discussing one of our favorite and most-used products for lighting up the perimeters.

CAST High-Power Perimeter Lights CPL3X Series:

The CAST High-Power Perimeter Light is a brilliant lighting product. It offers up to 4x the size of lumen diameter by the CPL2 model by CAST Perimeter. So, in a way, the company has outdone itself. The CPL3x lights project over 50’ of light on each side of the fence for more than 100’ of light.

Since we are a responsible dark-sky compliant company, our lights give off a direct, glare-free, full cut-off illumination. We believe that every step taken towards reducing light pollution is significant. So, we make sure to play our part towards a better tomorrow.

Salient features:

These High-Power Perimeter Lights from CAST are brilliant products with many incredible features. We are mentioning some of the most amazing features below.

  • Easy third-party integration
  • Ambient operational temperature ranges from about -40 to +55 degrees Celsius.
  • Surge and spike protected
  • Quality CREE LED lights
  • Rugged, high-quality construction
  • IP-66 Rated

These are some of the best features of our CAST High-Power Perimeter Lights that make us worth your money.


You can use these lights for a wide variety of applications. From sensitive units like power grids, data centers, and reservoirs to airport perimeters, you can use these lights to boost the efficiency of your already working PIDS perimeter intrusion detection systems.

Light up your perimeters and fences for the boosted performance of PIDS perimeter intrusion detection systems and take the first step toward security. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.