LED lighting has introduced new trends in the lighting industry. Before LED lights circulated in the market, people relied on expensive yet unreliable lighting fixtures. However, this changed as soon as property owners got to know about other low-voltage outdoor lighting options.

LED lighting is not just about lighting the perimeter. If placed at the right spots, they create stellar views also. Apart from deterring intruders of course!

CAST Perimeter low-voltage outdoor LED lighting:

CAST Perimeter Lighting has introduced a variety in LEDs as well. We aim to meet all the customers’ requirements.

While CPL3 LED provides constant white light protection, infrared night owl switches between both options. Upon detection of any intruders or trespassers, it switches to visible light. It is a very useful technique because infrared is not visible to the human eye under normal circumstances. Therefore, it is not noticeable by the intruders and they fall into the trap. As soon as they are within the proximity of sensors, white light is triggered and then perpetrators have nowhere to hide!

CPL3 Features

We just shared a glimpse of what CAST Perimeter LED lighting is capable of. CAST Perimeter CPL3’s characteristics are mentioned below:

  • Custom stem length available
  • An adjustable knuckle to 22' beam angle adjustment
  • A luminaire shape that limits glare from water run-off
  • A junction box that is quick to connect to the fence and easy to maintain
  • Solid Castings that last to protect the perimeter in the most extreme conditions
  • Simple wire splice and easy maintenance design
  • Easily Field Repairable Electronics

Furthermore, CPL3IR Infrared Night Owl provides infrared lighting solutions. Its intensity is field adjustable to meet the needs. There is another variant of the same LED with white light. It is mostly used for lighting perimeter security fences.

Wall Pack Lights

CAST Perimeter Lighting also offers durable wall pack light. Again, it is available for both infrared and white lighting. Its speciality is to fill up places where normal lighting fixtures are not deployable. For instance, closed alleyways, pathways, etc.

Lighting and other innovative security products

With all our hard work, we have not only excelled in the lighting industry but also produced magnificent security products. Such as EtherWAN Switch integrated with CAST PoE Interface for power over ethernet. Visit our website to read more about the product.

Did we forget CAST Perimeter Pre-engineered Ready to install kits? Well, these kits are designed as a complete package. Where you get all the hardware along with lighting fixtures for a standard length of a fence. But obviously, we have custom length kits available.

Following items are included in pre-engineered ready to install kits.

  • CAST LED Perimeter Lights
  • CAST Perimeter Lighting Transformer
  • No-Ox Wire
  • CAST Photocell

A noticeable feature is the easy installation process. As the name suggests, these kits are deployed in a short space of time with limited labour.

Order your CAST Perimeter LED lighting now! Because remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!