A lot of time and lifetime savings are invested before starting any business idea. After working so hard to build up an office or any commercial building, no one would like to get robbed. Well-equipped Infrastructure is a valuable asset for any company. To ensure safety of their infrastructure investors deploy chain link fence security system alarm. Taking protective measures deter intruders from carrying out any criminal activity.

Is setting up chain link fence security system alarm enough?

Fences are guarded with CCTVs along with sensors. More often fences are designed to complete an electric circuit upon contact by living beings. This generates a low voltage electric pulse, turning away any unannounced guests. Some people might believe that setting up perimeter fence is substantial for security. But facts state a different story. During daylight this network might prove to be viable but during night hours it has proven to be vulnerable. Without illumination CCTVs and guards are not able to detect movements properly. CAST Lighting just has the solution for you to overcome this possible threat.

How CAST Lighting can provide extra security that you need?

CAST Lighting solution offers newly invented LEDs for chain link fence security system. Most importantly this product was awarded most innovative product of the year gaining huge popularity among our clients. Lighting up your fence will send a loud and clear message to thieves that your property is a no-go zone with them. Furthermore, these lights will make sure there are no dark patches are left unguarded behind any trees or bushes. It will enhance the image quality captured by CCTVs with improved visibility. Guards patrolling the chain link fence security system can notice any minor of movements easily with these LED lights.

Further benefits of deploying CAST Lighting LEDs

First, we will need to examine any internal or external factors that can affect our lighting infrastructure. Visit our website to contact us for a free demo at your site right away. If it’s not lit, it’s not secure! We offer low-voltage and low-cost fence mounted LED perimeter security lighting solutions. Very important feature of these LEDs is low energy consumption. Therefore, not only our products are cost effective but will also save big bucks on electrical cost. Our products are tested under ambient temperatures for guaranteed results. LEDs are confined inside bronze layer which has proved to be immune under extreme climates. 

Integrating CAST Lighting products

If you already have a chain link fence security system installed, we have got you covered there as well. Our products are designed to calibrate with 3rd party equipment. CAST Lighting products are easy to integrate within a very short time frame. They do not need any separate poles to mount them. LEDs can be installed on fences with just limited hardware. So, now if you have decided to opt for CAST Lighting then contact us now. Because if it’s not lit, it’s not secure!