Outdoor perimeter and fence security are often overlooked. It is because people tend to feel like having a security guard standing at the gate of the premises is sufficient for robust security. What they don’t realize is the significance of protecting the entire perimeter. 

Integrated perimeter security systems:

A robust and efficient perimeter and fence protection system can help you achieve the security of the entire premises. You can choose and install any type of perimeter protection systems you deem preferable. You can also integrate these systems with other systems to further enhance your security. 

For instance, a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System can be integrated with an efficient alarm system. In the same way, a CCTV camera can be integrated with perimeter lights. Another beneficial way to boost your security is electrifying the fences. It will scare off the burglars with the fear of getting electrocuted.

Integration of security systems with light:

One of the most used ways of enhancing the performance of your security systems is through lighting. You can enhance perimeter security and boost the performance of your fence protection systems efficiently with the use of Perimeter lights.

The necessity of light:

We want to emphasize the fact that no matter how well you implant your security systems, there won’t be enough efficiency left once the sun has set, and there is no light left to see the intruders. The fence alarm systems may ring their loudest, scaring the intruders away, but they won’t help you in catching the burglars. 

The same is the case with CCTV cameras. Until your premises are well-lit with perimeter lights, even the best perimeter security systems won’t be able to help you recognize the intruders. So, what we need is effective and competent perimeter lights for our fence protection systems

CAST Perimeter Lights:

CAST Perimeter is one of the leading names in providing perimeter lights for effective perimeter and fence security. We have partnered up with some of the best security service providers, helping to deliver unmatchable security and protection services. 

CAST Perimeter lights products:

We offer innovative and high-quality lighting products. Our products are low-cost and low-voltage for optimal performance. We are introducing the first of its kind,patented fence mounted LED lighting solutions. We have come up with products that deliver incredible security solutions.

One of our most amazing lighting products is CPL3IR 1D1W INFRARED NIGHT OWL GENERATION 3 SERIES. 


This product is specifically designed to enhance night time security. It helps the fence protection systems to deliver optimal performance at night. With its capacity to deliver field tunable infrared intensity adjustment, it enhances nighttime vision. Hence, increasing the ability of the CCTV cameras to capture better footage. 

Our famous Night Owl product allows the users to switch between Infrared and white lights, When triggered by a 3rd party security partner like cameras or intrusion detection, motion or others. It gives a wide coverage and can be integrated with sophisticated security systems for optimal performance.

Contact CAST Perimeter lights for boosting your perimeter fence protection systems. Also, visit our website for getting to know about the best deals and products. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.