In a search for a complete security system?

Have you been a victim of theft? Or are you concerned about your security? We can help you overcome these concerns once and for all. And to your surprise, it is not expensive compared to installing and maintaining pole lights. CAST Perimeter Lighting is the leading low voltage lighting solution provider in the industry. We can help you illuminate your fence effectively. Therefore, if you have a compound wall security system installed, you need to light it up.

Thieves often find flaws that they can target to carry out harmful activities. To prevent that from happening, we need to take proactive measures. However, addressing particular issues is necessary. For example, glare-free illumination, distributed lighting, reducing shadows, and eliminate reflections.

Increasing security for night time

As we understand, most of the criminal activities take place during night time. Hence, a compound wall security system is sufficient during daylight hours. But without adequate lighting, you are not secured at night time. For this reason, CAST Perimeter Lighting has got you covered. Our engineers successfully developed the CAST perimeter infrared light. Spaces that are not accessible with usual infrared cameras, infrared light can fill that.

CAST Perimeter Infrared Light

CAST Perimeter Infrared Light has a compact design, build to last.  It is quick to install with the simplest of processes. Moreover, it operates on low voltage, thus; safer to use than traditional lighting fixtures. An essential feature of infrared is; that it is invisible to the human eye. As a result, intruders will never know that you are even watching them! How great is that? 

By planting infrared lighting, you can avoid over illuminating the area. Suppose if you are located in a crowded neighborhood, infrared illumination will not disturb people living next to you.

Distinct features

Some of the key features of CAST Perimeter infrared wall pack light are:

IP66 Rated

Compact size: 3" x 4.5" 

50,000 Hr. Life (L70)

Surge & Spike protected

Safe 24-Volt System

850 Nanometer

Output 261 mW at 14V A/C


With infrared lighting, you have a complete compound wall security system in place. If you are looking to install infrared lighting for the following purposes, then you are in the right place!



Residential Properties to illuminate building perimeters


Walls and alleyways of highly secure areas/buildings

CAST Perimeter Lighting has developed its products to work seamlessly. We do not compromise on providing guaranteed security. Even though our products are resilient and reliable, but still if any of the component malfunctions, we have a warranty policy. Please refer back to our website and product page for the product sheet and warranty policy.

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