It is impossible to overlook CAST Perimeter Lights when talking about perimeter lighting products and accessories for competent security systems at the borders. We are the leading companies and manufacturers of perimeter lights. To enumerate, we have five lighting products for your perimeter systems that we are mentioning below.

1-CPL3 Series

2-CPL2 Series

3-CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series

4-IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights

5-Wall Pack Lights

Apart from these lighting products, we also offer accessories and Pre-Engineered Ready-to-Install Lighting Kits that are a complete solution to all your perimeter lighting needs and requirements.

Let us see how lights can boost the efficiency of perimeter systems.

CAST Lights – helping you lift the performance of your perimeter systems:

We deliver low-cost and low-voltage lights and develop them using the latest advancements in LED technology and lighting optics. Our engineers and designers are dedicated to creating the best designs and creating products that meet all your needs. They cultivate and design all products keeping in view the modern requirements of competent lighting products for secure perimeter systems.

The seven features that help us stand out:

Let us see some of the most prominent features of our lights that help us stand out.

Safe 24 Volt system:

Using a 24 Volt system helps to reduce the number of wires that you need to use and hence, the costs of wiring. Moreover, it is safer to use and is more compatible with other devices.

Ambient temperature range:

Our lighting products have an ambient temperature range from -40 to +55 degrees Celsius. So, you can stay assured that your lights will work almost in all types of weather and environments.

Flash Glare technology:

You can use all of our lighting products with the innovative Flash Glare technology that helps you chase the intruders away without human intervention.  There is no other solution on the market that does this. So, your lights become a proactive solution to help deter the criminals away.

Dark-Sky compliant:

We are a responsible manufacturer of perimeter lights and assure you that all our products are Dark-Sky compliant. We play our part in reducing light pollution by offering direct, full cut-off illumination.

Surge and spike protection:

Our lighting products are safe to use and can resist sudden surges and spikes in voltage and currents. It will help you cut costs on maintenance, as your lighting gear will be protected even in the worst of conditions.

Quality CREE LED Lights:

We use quality CREE LED lights in all of our lighting products that ensure not only the high-quality but also the durability of our products. Providing the best-quality products helps us to create a relationship of trust with our clients.

Electromagnetic Interference Prevention:

Our lights offer electromagnetic interference prevention helping you stay safe and providing a hassle-free lighting experience for your perimeter systems

To summarize, these are some of the most prominent reasons why you should choose CAST Lights for lighting up your perimeters.

Contact us today for robust lighting and security solutions for your perimeter systems. Because if it is not lit, it is not secure.