When was the last time that you didn’t close the gate of your home at night? Never, right? You are always cautious to close all the gates, doors, and windows before closing in the night because safety is that important to you. Indeed, a safe and secure environment is the basis of a healthy peaceful life and we must go to every length to ensure safety. Putting up competent fence security systems is one of the most basic steps you can take to maintain effective security at the perimeters. Next, you can integrate perimeter lights for added protection.

Perimeter lights for fence security systems:

Lighting up your fences is of prime importance because unless a perimeter is well-lit you cannot hope to eliminate the threat. Let us discuss which is the best perimeter lighting company you could opt.

CAST Perimeter Lights:

If you are looking for low-cost, low-voltage lights for your fence security systems then CAST Perimeter is the right place for you. We offer the most advanced lighting solutions for enhanced security at the perimeters. Easy integration with third parties and other smart security systems make our products feasible to use.

Let us discuss each of our products below.

CPL3 Series:

These lights can provide you with precise and effective lighting for enhancing perimeter security. You can use these lights along with other fence security systems to deter the intruders away.

High-Power Perimeter Lights:

These lights provide easy installation options just like the other products by CAST Perimeter. You can attach the lights to the top of fence posts up to 4” in diameter. Moreover, offset brackets are also available for mounting below the fence top or other offset purposes.

CPL2 Series:

CPL2 provides the most basic lighting that you need to deter the intruders away. Additionally, it allows you to switch between black and white and color mode, so you can save up the recording space.

Wall Pack Lights:

You can use these lights for both temporary as well as permanent installation setups. It consumes only a fraction of energy as compared to other conventional lights and is simple and quick to install.

IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights:

This lighting product is ideal for use in areas and spaces where other lights cannot reach. You can use these lights for lighting up the walls and alleyways of high-security areas and buildings.

CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series:

This lighting product delivers field tunable infrared intensity adjustment for enhancing nighttime vision for the surveillance cameras. Moreover, you can integrate these lights with your pre-existing monitoring systems to turn on or off when triggered by intrusion detection.

To sum up, CAST Perimeter brings amazing products for lighting up your fence security systems for added protection. Our engineers and designers work on the latest principles of LED technology and lighting optics to deliver the best lighting solutions for you. 

Contact us today for competent lighting solutions and remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.