For many high-risk properties, defensive perimeters extend for many kilometers at a time. Perimeter lighting can get very expensive quickly. Even after installation, traditional perimeter lights can burn through your wallet quickly. Therefore, you should choose affordable outdoor lighting products such as those from CAST Perimeter. CAST Perimeter is an industry-leading manufacturer of perimeter lighting.

Incredibly Affordable Outdoor Lighting Products from CAST Lighting

Below are three of our perimeter lighting products that are incredible value for money. 

  • CPL2
  • Wall Pack Light
  • Infrared Wall Pack Light
  • Let’s look at each product in more detail.


We designed CPL2 to be an affordable lighting solution that does not compromise functionality at all. CPL2 is for those people who want an affordable, no-frills perimeter light. Light up your perimeter with CPL2 and assist your surveillance cameras in working better. Your cameras are not adversely affected by CPL2’s light due to glare-free illumination. Furthermore, CPL2 uses our advanced, safe 24-volt technology. However, the features do not end here. CPL2 requires maintenance less frequently because of the high-quality components as well as in-built protection against power surges.

Wall Pack Light

Our Wall Pack Lights are compact lighting systems (3’’ x 4.5’’) that you can install on walls and fences. Due to the Wall Pack Light's small size, you can install it in narrow areas around buildings. Furthermore, these lights are very easy to install. As a result, you can use Wall Pack Lights for temporary setups too. Besides being installable without junction boxes, Wall Pack Lights use a fraction of energy consumed by regular perimeter lights. Moreover, this product is rated IP66 for water and dust protection. Consequently, Wall Pack Light is a very durable product that remains operational in unfavorable weather conditions too.

Infrared Wall Pack Light

Infrared Wall Pack Light is the infrared variant of the regular Wall Pack Light. It includes all features of our Wall Pack Light but comes with added infrared capabilities. Typical IR cameras often cannot provide enough infrared for capturing clear images/videos. Just like the Wall Pack Lights, you can install the infrared version with or without junction boxes.

Benefits of Using CAST Lighting Products

Let’s go through a few reasons that make CAST Lighting perimeter lights better than the alternatives.

FlashGlare Technology 

Our CPL3 light comes equipped with FlashGlare. This is the name for our technology that temporarily blinds intruders by flashing lights at them. The sudden, repeated changes in brightness have debilitating effects on eyes.

Compatible with Third-Party Sensors

CAST Lighting products are compatible with a wide variety of third-party security systems. For example, you can combine your perimeter lights with infrared and doppler sensors from PROTECH. Upgrade your perimeter defenses using the combination of CAST Lighting and PROTECH products.

Very Affordable

All three products discussed above cost around $200. Despite the very competitive pricing, CAST Lighting products do not show any compromise on quality. This is a big reason why CAST Lighting is considered a market leader in the perimeter lighting industry.

Contact us and get your CAST Lighting products today. And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.