It is essential to deploy effective security systems at the borders if you want to feel safe. It doesn’t matter which company, organization, or industry we pick up; robust security is one of the basic needs of each one of them. Indeed, without adequate security at the perimeters, there will always be a risk of intrusion, theft, and vandalism. It not only harms your property and precious assets but also poses risk to human lives. Therefore, we must put up a robust PIDS security system at our perimeters, along with perimeter lights. We can help you choose the best PIDS security system to ensure safety all around the borders.

Integrate lights with PIDS security systems to enhance efficiency:

Although there are many PIDS systems available in the market, we cannot expect them to deliver full efficiency until they are integrated with perimeter lights. The significance of competent perimeter lights is undeniable when talking about effective perimeter security. CAST Perimeter understands this and strives to deliver excellence in the field of perimeter lighting products.

Firstly, let us understand how to deploy PIDS security systems for robust security around the perimeters.

The best Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems:

CAST Perimeter has partnered with the best manufacturers of perimeter intrusion detection systems.

These are:


With years of experience in the field, RBtec is the perfect choice for deploying perimeter intrusion detection systems in low to high-risk areas. Surely, their products and systems are installed all around the world, working efficiently in all types of weather, terrain, and other conditions.


If you are looking for complete perimeter security solutions under one roof, then ProTech is the right place for you! They offer expert security solutions in the fields of utilities, transportations, oil and gas companies, and industrial areas, etc.


Finally, MagnaSphere is also one of the most reliable manufacturers of perimeter intrusion detection and other security systems. Use efficient MagnaSphere PIDS security systems with CAST Perimeter Lights for achieving perfect security around the perimeters.

These companies produce the best perimeter intrusion detection systems to help you ward off thieves and intruders.

Integrate lights for maximal security:

Now that we know where to get the best PIDS security systems, let us get to the other part of effective security. It is; perimeter lights.

CAST Perimeter has taken it upon itself to provide the best lighting products that are both low-cost and low-voltage. With our products, you’ll get easy integration with third parties. Moreover, we work on the latest principles of LED technology and lighting optics to deliver competent lighting solutions

Finally, we are mentioning our lighting products below:

  • CPL3
  • CPL2
  • Wall Pack Light
  • IR Infrared Wall Pack Light
  • Night Owl Gen 3 Series

CAST Perimeter Lighting is what you need if you wish to achieve robust security at the perimeters. Contact us today for lighting up your perimeters. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.