Perimeter security is one of the biggest concerns of a property owner. No matter how big or small your property is, it all comes down to the fact that how well-protected is it. You cannot sleep in peace until your property is absolutely safe from any intruders or trespassers. Enter CAST Lights!

Perimeter Cameras and CAST Lights for Security

CAST Lighting brings advanced perimeter security solutions to help you secure your premises. Previously, we have all seen the usage of CCTV cameras and alarm systems around the premises for security purposes. What we need to understand is that they lack enough vision. No matter how good a CCTV camera is, unless the surrounding is well-lit enough, it cannot capture the face of a potential intruder. In conclusion, lighting is an essential factor for the cameras to deliver optimal performance.

Perimeter Lights integrated with Alarms

The same is the case with alarms. You may deploy the most sensitive of the alarms at your perimeters, even then, they can only help you to a certain extent. Because, the ringing of a deadly alarm can scare the intruders away, but it won’t help you in catching them or tracing them. Perimeter lights can do that.

They achieve this by helping you identify the face and appearance, and hence, the identity of the intruder. This will also scare the potential intruders that the cameras will see them, and hence, will make them think twice before invading your premises. It will help you in maintaining advanced perimeter security throughout your premises.

CAST Lighting – an Overview:

CAST Perimeter introduces the first of its kind low-voltage, low-cost lights dedicated specifically to provide efficient perimeter lighting and security solutions. Our lights are the most active deterrent against potential intruders and people with false intentions towards your property.

CAST Perimeter Products – for advanced perimeter security:

We bring state-of-the-art lighting products and solutions. We have worked hard for years and years to make products that deliver efficient results. Our products are reliable and trustworthy and can operate under extreme weather conditions.


CAST Perimeter Lights introduces one of our most appreciated lighting products – The CPL3 GENERATION Lights. We guarantee to deliver precision and perfection with this light. Offering you the widest distribution at 120’ foot diameter and four different lighting levels. This light can definitely take your security game to an advanced perimeter security level.

Features of CPL3 GENERATION:

Gen 3 is equipped with the latest technology and helps you boost the performance of your pre-installed security systems. You can integrate it with your existing security systems to turn on the lights if an intruder approaches near the fence or if someone tries to invade your perimeter.


CAST Perimeter Lights for boosted security:

You can integrate your lights with any of your current security systems to deliver optimal performance. Choose from CAST Lighting’s wide variety of products and lights to have an alert and robust security system. Remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.