It is important to evaluate your current security network. Especially talking about the security lighting industry, there have been significant improvements in the security lighting industry over the past decade. Therefore, if you are still using outdated technology, you need to revive your security lighting. 
Advanced perimeter security these days is full of innovation and technology. Staring from CCTVs, sensors, alarms, and security lighting, every component uses modern era technology.

CAST Perimeter Lighting: Unbreachable network of security

CAST Perimeter Lighting offers a variety of lighting fixtures. For example, infrared LEDs, white light LEDs, and wall pack lights. For a complete security, lighting is as important as any other security component. Therefore, it is important to deploy the security lighting in the best way possible. There are certain aspects to keep in mind when implementing lighting.

  • Reducing glare
  • Eliminating shadows
  • Minimizing reflection

All the factors mentioned above prove to be a hurdle for advanced perimeter security. However, CAST Perimeter Lighting has years of experience in the industry. So, we know exactly how to deploy the lighting fixtures to prevent glare, shadows, and reflection.

Glare-free illumination

Glare is a very unwanted property of poorly mounted lighting. It alters camera image quality and makes the eye uncomfortable. Consequently, making it difficult to focus for guards and CCTVs to do their job. 
On the other hand, what if we force glare into the eyes of intruders? CAST Perimeter CPL3 Generation 3 series does the same. Elimination glare from one side but not for intruders! CPL3 is the most sophisticated LED security lighting solution.

Low-Cost, Low-Voltage, Durable

Most of us love to find what we need at a low-cost. CAST Perimeter Lighting provides low-cost, low-voltage, and durable lighting solutions. We are giving more than just cost-effective products. CAST Perimeter CPL2 light is durable, therefore increases the strength of your perimeter security.

CPL3IR infrared night owl generation 3 series

The CAST Perimeter™ Night Owl™ CPL3IR delivers field convertible infrared intensity adjustment to enhance night vision camera images specific to the site and the camera. Also, the Night Owl allows switching between Infrared and visible light.

Wall pack and its applications

Similarly, CAST Perimeter Infrared light is also available as a wall pack. Designed with a unique structure, capable of integrated where normal infrared is not deployable. Its application includes 

  • Commercial properties
  • Municipal properties
  • Walls and alleyways of buildings

What about pricing?

There is often a misconception about the prices and cost of an effective compound perimeter security system. It has no grounds unless wrong choices are made. CAST Perimeter Lighting products cost just a fraction of what traditional lighting costs. Moreover, illumination long fences of advanced perimeter security were never this cheap.
Lit up!
Contact us now for high-end perimeter security lighting, among many other benefits. And remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure!