Wake up before it’s too late

You must have heard the future belong to those who prepare for it. It's true in terms of security. Once the incident has happened, there is no going back. So, instead of regretting later, why not invest in your future now?

No room for error

Considering the high crime rate, there is no room for incompetence. Therefore, choose the best to install aggressive perimeter security. Public or private, a security fence is equally important. With that fencing, there is a need for cameras, alarms, and lighting. Latter is the major of all.

Aggressive perimeter security lighting

Without adequate lighting guards and cameras are not able to perform duties. Especially at night, when chances of theft are the highest. However, it is not that simple as it seems. Just mounting any light won’t do the trick. Therefore, CAST Perimeter is here to assist in deploying effective lighting. With expert help, it gets easier to mount perfect aggressive perimeter security.

CAST perimeter CPL2 lights

CAST Perimeter CPL2 lights are safe low-voltage LED lighting. It delivers quality glare-free lighting in an attempt to enhance camera images. The total diameter covered is 40 feet. Furthermore, these lights are mounted 20 feet apart for evenly distributed illumination. Otherwise, dark patches create blind spots.
It's easy to install and requires only one technician. Another useful feature is the Posi-tap connection. This means wire need not be cut on every end for installation. Thus, making it simpler to install.

Pre-engineered kits

CAST Perimeter CPL2 light is also offered in ready to install pre-engineered kits. Similarly, CPL3 Generation 3 series is also available with the following components:

GEN 3-80 feet kit

  • (4) CAST LED GEN 3 Perimeter™ Lights (CPL325)
  • The CAST Perimeter™ Lighting Transformer 300VA (CPT300)
  • CAST Photocell (CTPC)
  • 250ft. roll, #14/2 No-Ox Wire (CLW142500)
  • (8) Quick-connect Posi-Tap splice connections (CPQC1) (2 per fixture)

We believe in raising the standards of security lighting. For example, Demolishing all the outdated ideas and technology. With the introduction of the latest LEDs at just a fraction of cost what traditional lighting fixtures costs. We put revolutionary technology within your grasp. At extremely low cost with significantly detailed features.

CPL3 LED Light

If we talk about CPL3 generally, it is the most sophisticated LED around. It is the true definition of aggressive perimeter security with robust illumination. Above all, it can integrate with almost any intelligent security network. Turns on automatically when an intruder approaches or attempts to climb the fence. That way, it's easier for guards to spot the exact location within no time.

Buy now!

We recommend you to buy CAST Perimeter Lighting fixtures for complete security. Exceptional lighting source and safe 24-Volt system. Visit our website to place your order now. And remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure!