If you’ve ever looked at your nighttime security camera footage, you may have wondered how you can improve the grainy black and white images and overall picture quality. The quick answer is lighting, especially along those dark perimeter fence lines. Lighting will increase your camera’s picture quality and also provide all-around property and asset protection. Done right, Lighting is a key element to nighttime security in many ways.

While it may seem simple, light at night makes all the difference. Take a look at the before and after images below. Both images were shot with the same camera, which was a standard 1080DP (2MP) camera, but the difference is obvious. In fact, the lighting in the after image not only improved picture quality, but it actually stopped the intruders who were jumping the fence to steal the catalytic converters and radios from the trucks.

Security Camera


If you're wondering WHY the properly lit image stopped those criminals, here are some things to consider.

Lighting Improves Picture Quality

Let’s be honest: Most crimes are done at night. If you or your cameras can’t see an intruder, the intruder will feel safe to attack. This leaves them a golden opportunity to break in. In the dark, the image quality is poor, your cameras aren’t doing you much good, and they won’t help identify those who choose to trespass on your property. Here are a few things to think about where picture quality is concerned:

  1. Resolution
  2. Frames per second (FPS)
  3. Lighting

Your camera will typically have a fixed resolution and frames per second as well as its own “lighting” that comes with IR illuminated night vision; however, they mean nothing if your picture isn’t clear.

By adding lights, you are increasing the built-in capabilities of your camera. Perimeter lighting enhances your security camera system by turning those black and white pictures into color images, providing the higher quality and visibility you need regardless of the quality of your security cameras. Plus, the optimal perimeter lighting system can deter would-be intruders in the first place. It also reduces storage requirements because black and white require more hard-drive space.

Lighting Increases Visibility Width and Depth

Let’s talk about Field of View (FOV) as the Field of View is basically the area your cameras can see at any given time. If you’re wondering how you can extend the field of view, lighting is the answer. While a camera’s night vision is rated for a certain number of feet, that doesn't mean it can see specific objects clearly at the farthest distance. This is due to the way built-in night vision works. Proper perimeter lighting enables your security cameras to “see” better and actually cover more area, increasing the width and depth potential of your security camera system.

Lighting Can Stop an Intruder

Catching criminals after the fact is the #1 goal of a security camera system, right? That’s why you purchased it. Unfortunately, even the best security camera system won’t stop an intrusion, and when the sun goes down, intruders find your property more appealing, even with obvious security cameras in place. However, with security cameras AND perimeter lighting, your property might not be as tempting to criminals in the first place because their number one fear is being seen or caught, so they hesitate or skip your property altogether and look for an easier target. For the more brazen class of criminals, the CAST FlashGlare Lighting technology takes your ability to stop any intruders to a whole new level. Here’s why:

As they approach your fence, they enter what we call the "glare zone," and this “glare zone” provides an alternating on and off cycle of lights which confuse and interfere with the natural chemicals of the intruder’s eyes. It can literally turn their eyes off in less than a minute if they are crazy enough to stick around. It is the same approach the military uses to stop attacking helicopters at night that fly low with no lights on. By alternating lights on and off at 10-second intervals, the chemicals of the eye can’t adjust fast enough, so the eye temporarily loses sight. When they leave your property, within 10-15 minutes, the chemicals in their eyes settle back to normal, so there is no harm, no foul, and most importantly, no damage to your property and no liability. If this lighting is of interest to you, request more information.

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Have you ever considered adding low voltage, low cost lights to your perimeter security system to help keep intruders out? Do you know or understand the impact that adding lights to your security cameras can have? Now that you’re aware of how perimeter lights can complement your security cameras, contact us and let us help you take your perimeter security system from cave-like lighting to optimal property and asset security.