Among other components of perimeter security systems, perimeter fence alarms are of vital importance. Perimeter fence alarms along with a properly-lit perimeter can help in timely detection of an intrusion and also help to take effective action before any loss can occur. They reinforce security through automated detection of a possible threat. A well-lit perimeter can benefit greatly from these alarm systems.

For clarity, this piece of writing will focus on the perimeter fence alarms only. Furthermore, we will also discuss their advantages. Let's take a look at some of the most commonly used kinds of perimeter fence alarm systems.

Different types of perimeter fence alarm systems

Fiber Optic fence alarm

Fiber optic alarms are one of the most cost-effective and efficient alarm systems. The working principle is essentially the same as fiber optic cable. These alarm systems use light instead of electricity as the detection medium.

There are two main types of fiber optic cables used. There are conventional cables and plastic cables. Plastic wires are less costly in comparison. Fiber Optic fence alarm systems combined with CAST  Perimeter Lights can provide you with unquestionable perimeter security.

Microwave perimeter alarm

These detectors use microwaves for the detection of any possible intruder. The working principle is based on the Doppler shift and energy changes. For example, when there is a possible threat within the range of microwave detectors, they will emit waves with a different type of energy and wavelength than the usual. The alarm will ring based on the energy shift. 

Furthermore, these sensors are also used in combination with passive infrared alarm systems.


Ultrasonic detection alarms

The Ultrasonic detection alarm systems use sound waves to notify the authorities of any possible intrusion. They rely on the Doppler Effect as the working principle. The sensor emits sound waves. For instance, if an intruder is present, the reflected waves will be different from the normal waves.  The detection system will perceive the change and ring the alarm.

Ultrasonic detection alarms deliver exceptional performance when combined with our low-voltage low-cost LED Perimeter Lights, and help to catch the intruders.

Dual technology alarms

Lastly, as the name suggests, dual technology alarms use two types of detection systems to sense potential intruders.  For instance, the utilization of optical fiber and laser sensors in a single detector is an example of dual technology alarm systems.

Dual technology is advantageous over other sensors that use only one detection technology. They serve the purpose of highly efficient real-time surveillance.

We can combine the Dual technology alarms with CAST Perimeter Lights to achieve remarkable perimeter security and protection.

Advantages of using perimeter fence alarm systems

Following are some of the benefits of using perimeter fence alarm systems:

  • Timely detection of the threat
  • Determination of the accurate location of the intruder 
  • Immediate response against intrusion
  • Neutralization of potential threat before any loss can occur
  • Automated detection does not require additional manpower
  • They are cost-effective and budget-friendly


The use of perimeter fence alarms with proper perimeter lighting is crucial for maintaining the overall security of a perimeter. They are one of the most essential components of an efficient perimeter fence security systems. The modern alarm systems ensure high levels of detection accuracy.

Pair your perimeter fence alarm systems with effective perimeter lighting to ensure a safe and secure perimeter. CAST Lighting provides you with low-voltage, low-cost, and highly efficient LED perimeter light solutions to deliver top-class security. After all, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.