Investing funds in infrastructure and employees are financially draining. Securing and preserving them is equally important. The first step is to mount up a perimeter around your property. The next step is to add sensors and cameras along with alarms to strengthen your fence. The last step is to attach effective and robust lighting, and that is most important. Usually, disturbances happen at night, so it makes you vulnerable to intruders and thieves. Powerful lighting can intimidate intruders even before they begin. All these components amounts to a complete and powerful fence alarm sensor.

CAST Perimeter CPL2 lights

CPL2 light is the second generation of light fixtures that proved to be durable. This product delivers low-voltage light on either side of the fence alarm sensor system. With glare-free illumination, it increases the effectiveness of the system by improving camera imagery. It has the ability to switch between color mode and white light to reduce the amount of space required to save footage. Moreover, it requires only one technician to install the fixtures in a short space of time. Easy installation process saves time further

Integrate CAST Perimeter CPL2 light with EtherWAN Switch

CAST Perimeter Lighting has partnered with EtherWAN to present you with a compact solution. Connect CPL2 lights of up to 200 feet length of the fence with CAST PoE interface. This device is attached with an EtherWAN switch. Now all your lighting fixtures are integrated into one place! It does not end here; you also get to power your IoT devices with the EtherWAN switch. EtherWAN switch can also connect Cameras, access control, and perimeter intrusion detection to the same device. You can read more about the product on our website.


Users can deploy CAST Perimeter CPL2 at a variety of sites. Its compact design makes it easy to install with lesser labor required. It is effective in all perimeter fence situations but mostly used in medium to low-risk sites. Let's discuss the applications where this lighting can be used. Applications include; Electrical substations, Temporary fencing, construction sites, Airports, Commercial storage sites, Parking lots, colleges, campuses, Industrial sites, Public parks, and Pathways.


Now we have read about how convenient it is to install CPL2. Furthermore, it's also compatible to be attached with the CAST device. Connect all these lights to the EtherWAN switch along with several IoTs. Isn't it just perfect! So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now and control your fence alarm sensor system lighting with one switch and remember if it's not lit, it's not secure.

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