Are you one of those people for whom security is the biggest concern? Then you have come to the right place. We will tell you all about effective security systems and how to implement them to maintain high-end security. Some of the most commonly used methods to ensure security are CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and the ringing of sirens. If we talk about an upper level, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems and integrated security systems are some of the best perimeter security options.

What we are going to highlight here is the one key element that is the basis of all of these above-mentioned security systems. Lights! Yes, perimeter lighting is one of the most basic and essential elements in an effective perimeter security system. No camera, fence alarm, or intrusion detection system can deliver their hundred percent performance in the absence of light

Light is the essence of security:

We believe that light is the essence of all security systems. It can be incorporated into all the systems for effective performance. At CAST Perimeter Lights, we work with this belief. CAST Perimeter uses its years of experience and hard work to deliver the best perimeter security products. These products not only deliver efficient performance but are also well-integrated with other systems.  

The core of CAST Perimeter Lights:

We bring low-cost and low-voltage perimeter lights to help give a boost to your security systems. Our engineers have developed one of its kind fence mounted LED Perimeter Lighting. With easy installation and adjustability, our lights can be used in integration with other security systems.

CAST high-power perimeter light (2x, 3x, 4x)

It is one of the most widely used products of CAST lights. Providing you a lumen output of about two, three, and four times larger as compared to the CPL1 lights. With a coverage area of 40’ diameter. This lighting product accepts 12V to 26V AC or DC input.

Uses of CAST high-power perimeter:

We can rely on the high-power lights to be one of our best perimeter security products. It is also the most trusted and appreciated product from all of our services. The product is widely used for airport perimeters, military premises, and ports, etc. Moreover, these are also widely used for perimeter security in critical infrastructures like the Power Grids, Reservoirs, and Data Centres, etc. Many of the public parks, commercial and industrial properties also use these lights to maintain effective security along with perimeters.

The main features of high-power perimeter light (2x, 3x, 4x):

All of the CAST Products provide you with optimal performance through reliable functioning. Our products are IP-66 rated and are also surge and spike protected. They come with easy-mounting and installing options. They have a fence light attached to the top of the fence posts of up to 4” diameter.

Security with precision:

If you are looking for the best perimeter security products to secure your premises, then must consider CAST Perimeter Lights. We offer security solutions with precision and perfection because if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.