Perimeter security is the first line of defense against intruders. At CAST, we believe proper lighting is important to form an effective barrier around your property. Therefore, we offer innovative physical security perimeter protection services for our customers. Browse our line of perimeter lighting products today!

Importance of Physical Security Perimeter Protection
Traditional perimeter security devices include sensors, CCTV cameras and border lights. All these combined create an effective wall around your property. Physical perimeter security is the first defense an intruder comes across. Lighting is an important part of perimeter security. It acts as a deterrent against burglars. Strategic lighting can immediately discourage people from trespassing over your property. With CAST Lighting products, you get state-of-the-art lighting systems designed to give you peace of mind.

Features of CAST Lighting Products
CAST is an innovator in the perimeter lighting industry. We strive to improve our products every day so you can get the best perimeter lighting solution possible. Let’s look at a few key features of our products.

CAST products have won numerous accolades over the years due to their superior performance and reliability. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, we design our products with precision engineering and proven techniques. As a result, our products are among the best ones available in the market. 

Flexible Setups
We offer a varied selection of connectors, extensions, and accessories. Consequently, you can modify pre-built setups to adapt to your needs. We also have spacing kits available, giving you more control over your setup.

Traditional lighting systems use a lot of energy. Older light bulbs waste about 90% of the energy as heat. However, thanks to our innovative low-voltage technology, you can cut down on energy use with our perimeter lights. Our durable LEDs use patented technologies and remarkable engineering to ensure little wastage of energy. Perimeter lighting systems can run for hundreds of miles. As a result, the cost savings from our LEDs are very significant in the long run.     

Simple Installation 
CAST products use simple brackets to attach to walls or fence posts. Our products are so easy to install that a single technician is usually enough. All wirings run to a single transformer which is attachable to a wall with just two screws. There are dedicated spaces for wiring, and everything falls into place. CAST also offers tools such as voltmeters, wire splicers, crimp connectors and much more. As a result, this makes installation a hassle-free task.

Tough Construction
We use sand-casting to ensure the durability of our products. As a result, this makes our products durable under most weather conditions. It also makes it hard for intruders to damage your lighting systems. Our durable wires also attach to fence posts securely.
Order your CAST Lighting products today and ensure the security of your property. You can view the complete collection of products on our website: Get the ultimate perimeter lighting solution from us, and remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.