If you know anything about perimeter security, then you must know that it starts at the perimeters. Securing your perimeters ensures that the insides of your building also remain well protected. Previously, it was very hard to establish good security at the borders. The reason was that it required not only manpower but monetary strength as well. Even if you considered lighting up your perimeters for maintaining security, the idea of hefty electricity bills stopped you. But not now! As we introduce LED security lights for perimeters

LED security lights for well-lit and safe perimeters:

There is no denying the fact that lights are the basis of secure perimeters. Intruders don’t like to be seen, and hence, they plot all their evil activities in the darkness of the night. Eliminate those dark spots away by lighting up your perimeters with the latest technology of LED security lights.

The best lights to choose for secure premises:

We bring the best options to choose from for your perimeters. CAST Perimeter Lights is a trusted manufacturer of perimeter lights for securing your premises. Let us find out how the CAST products can help you have safe perimeters.

CAST Perimeter Lighting products for secure premises:

We offer low-voltage, low-cost LED perimeter lighting products. Working on the latest principles of LED technology and lighting optics has enabled us to create lights that offer durable and lasting results. All our lights are power-efficient and consume low power and voltage. It makes them ideal for use to light up long lengths of fences without rising your electricity bills.

CAST Perimeter has over six lighting products. Let us go through each one of them.

CPL3 Series:

These LED security lights are ideal for use to light up the entire fence length at the airports, electrical substations, power grids as well as many commercial, municipal, or residential properties.

CPL2 Series:

These lights are ideal for use in low to medium risk areas. Some of the best examples are college campuses, public parks, residential and private properties, farmhouses, and other such properties. You can easily integrate them with other security systems for efficient results.

Wall Pack Lights:

One of the reasons why you should pick up Wall Pack Lights is the extreme feasibility of use and installation. You can install these lights at all types of walls, fences, and posts with or without the presence of junction boxes.

IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights:

Infrared lights make this product ideal for use with surveillance cameras for effective monitoring at night time.

Night Owl Gen 3 Series:

Integrating these lights with sophisticated monitoring systems will help you secure your entire premises. This product allows for easy switching between infrared and white lights for better control over your security systems.

To sum up, CAST Perimeter brings a complete solution for lighting up your premises. Contact us now for installing LED security lights at your perimeters because if it is not lit, it is not secure.