security industry’s ASIS Accolades Award
…tremendous cost savings compared to typical perimeter lighting solutions.

Hawthorne, NJ (PRWEB) September 05, 2012

CAST Lighting, a premier manufacturer of landscape and security lighting products, announced today the receipt of the security industry’s ASIS Accolades Award. This award recognizes the most innovative security products of the year. A team of judges representing end-users and security technology experts recognized the energy-saving, security-enhancing, and low-cost advantages of this unique perimeter lighting solution.

In May of this year, the CAST LED Perimeter Light* received two awards at LightFair International, “Best in Category – Industrial, Vandal, Emergency, and Exit” and “Most Innovative Product of the Year” – the industry’s highest award.

Steve Parrott, CAST Lighting’s Communication and Marketing Director, comments on the receipt of these awards, “For a lighting product to receive prestigious awards in two industries is quite remarkable. Experts from both lighting and security recognize the unique combination of form and function in the CAST LED Perimeter Light. The highly-targeted energy-efficient illumination utilizes a simple method of fence-top mounting that is easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and results in tremendous cost savings compared to typical perimeter lighting solutions.”

Since its introduction, the perimeter light has garnered widespread interest among many types of facilities – military bases, oil and energy companies, public parks, and many other secure facilities. A hotel in St. Louis used the lights to provide soft even illumination around their outdoor pool. A wholesale landscape supply company installed the lights to illuminate their outdoor storage facility.

A comprehensive perimeter lighting design, installation, and maintenance manual are available in both English and Spanish.

A LightFair judge remarked, “Never has so little light done so much work. We found this to be a simple, clean, efficient, energy-effective solution that could be used on nearly every property. It leverages the best benefits of LED – low voltage operation, optical efficiency, small size and long life for a truly robust security lighting solution.”

David Beausoleil, CAST Lighting President, describes the origin of the product, “We recognized that this is a time when security is paramount for every type of business, and perhaps the most vulnerable point in a facility is the perimeter. Security experts know that adequate perimeter lighting is essential, but typical types of this lighting (floods mounted on tall poles) are extremely expensive, prohibitively so for fences in remote locations. Our engineers worked on the problem and came up with a simple robust solution – mounting lights on the fence itself. They worked from there applying our expertise in low voltage LED technology and casting. The result, the CAST LED Perimeter Light, was immediately recognized as a simple inexpensive solution for a serious problem.”

Recognizing that lighting requirements differ among secure facilities, CAST Lighting welcomes custom requests – typically for adjustments in brightness, light distribution, and code compliance. Engineers with rapid prototyping equipment are on hand to develop these affordable custom solutions within a short time frame.

With an aggressive development strategy, CAST Lighting plans on launching new security lighting solutions in the near future. They are also working on innovative products in their landscape lighting line.

Security specialists, facility managers, and other security-related professionals are welcome to contact CAST Lighting at 800-914-2278 or

*CAST LED Perimeter Light and CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System are trademarks of CAST Lighting LLC. Patents Pending.