Lighting is the first line of defense for your perimeter. Upgrade to the best perimeter security lighting available by choosing CAST Lighting. Perimeter security is very important as it is crucial in keeping intruders out. Let's look at why you should look into CAST to get effective perimeter security.

The Need for Perimeter Security

Perimeter security comes in all shapes and sizes, such as walls, gates and alarms. Security methods are much more sophisticated now. However, the techniques used to render such systems useless have also evolved. Let's look at a few reasons why you need next-generation perimeter security systems.

Properties Have Passive Security

Walls and gates are a form of passive security and are sufficient in some scenarios. Therefore, if you want effective perimeter security, you need to look into active security methods such as radars, motion sensors, and lights.

Alarms Ring After Intrusions 

Urban properties often use alarms as the preferred security system. However, alarms only ring after intruders sneak into your property. As a result, a better solution is to prevent the intruder from entering at all. This is where perimeter lighting comes in.

Easily Surveyable Properties

Buildings in urban areas are often built close together. This makes it easier to survey buildings in such areas. For instance, an intruder can easily plan intrusions after identifying all blind spots. Making a fenced perimeter with lights can act as an effective deterrent against intruders.

Features of CAST Products 

Let's look at why CAST perimeter lights should be your perimeter security of choice.


CAST LED lighting systems last for years because of patented technologies and high-quality components. Excessive power usage is the main reason people avoid perimeter lights. To solve this issue, CAST Perimeter lights use a low-voltage system. As a result, this allows the lights to save power. 


A single lighting system is not suitable for every situation. This is why you can tweak your CAST setup with the plethora of kits and extensions available. For example, you can adjust light positions using spacing kits such as CPL2K8020 and E1CPL2K8020. The same version of CAST Perimeter Security Lighting GEN 3 is available in four power configurations:

  • 8 Watt (CPL38)
  • 12.5 Watt (CPL312)
  • 16 Watt (CPL316)
  • 25 Watt (CPL325)


Our perimeter security systems are affordable and of good value. Our 2nd generation CPL2 lighting system costs less than $200. Therefore, you get the best quality lighting products at competitive prices with our products.

  • Our Products
  • CPL3 Gen 3
  • CPL3 IR Night Owl
  • Wall Pack Light
  • Wall Pack Infrared Light
  • CPL2

These are the reasons why you should consider CAST Lighting for your perimeter security. We provide you with award-winning, top-of-the-line lighting systems to protect your property. And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!