Have you ever wondered why proper lighting is so important for perimeter security? This is because the basic security devices popularly used are CCTV cameras and alarms. However, these devices have one big flaw – They only alert you after intrusion occurs. Sure, you can alert proper authorities once the alarms go off, but why not put security measures into place that prevent intruders from getting inside in the first place? Introducing: CAST Lighting perimeter security services.

Why do you need perimeter security services?

Lighting is the first barrier any intruder must go through. Research shows intruders prefer targeting buildings with bad lighting. A dim or dark environment is any intruder’s dream. However, once you light up your property, intruders can no longer sneak around freely. This may deter intruders, causing them to retreat. Hence, your perimeter security has stopped the trespasser from entering in the first place.

Distinguishable Features of CAST Lighting Products

Following are a few reasons for CAST Perimeter being better for perimeter lighting than any alternative available.


Perimeter lighting can use a lot of energy. However, our products use quality components and a patented low-voltage design. These ensure longevity of CAST Perimeter products. Incandescent light bulbs use a lot of energy and waste 90% of their energy as heat. However, the CREE LEDs we use to remove these issues, resulting in long-lasting and efficient lighting.


CAST products are very affordable of extremely good value when compared to available alternatives. With our products, you get great bang for your buck. Furthermore, you also get the best products in the industry. This is one of the few reasons why CAST Lighting has won numerous awards for its products.


We use sand-casting to create coverings for our products. This results in very durable housings which keep components protected against harsh weather conditions and intruders. On top of that, sand-casting also keeps the costs down. As a result, this makes CAST Perimeter products both affordable and durable.

Compatible with Third-party Accessories

Sensors can enhance your security significantly. A motion sensor network turns on lights automatically if it detects any movement. Our Transformer Dry Contact Closure Interface series can help connect your lights to smart security solutions. As a result, you do not have to keep lights turned on all night, saving energy. You can also attach a photocell with a timer to automatically switch on the perimeter lights in the evening.

We test our products thoroughly. Our experienced engineering team constantly improves its techniques and practices to deliver innovative products to you. Our patented features and technologies make our products perform better than available alternatives.


If you want the most innovative perimeter lighting solutions on the market, look no further than CAST Perimeter. Visit our website today and download our free eBook to learn more about CAST. And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.