CAST Lighting, security and landscape lighting manufacturer, announces two more lighting and security industry awards for its innovative fence-mounted lighting solution, the CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System – a solution to make illumination of long perimeter fences affordable and energy-efficient.


CAST Lighting, known for manufacturing extremely durable and innovative outdoor lighting products, announced today its fourth and fifth security and lighting industry awards for its fence-mounted CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System. The two awards come from “Architectural Products Magazine” (Product Innovation Award – PIA’12) and “Security Sales and Integration” (Top 30 Technology Innovations).

Previous awards include: “Most Innovative Product of the Year” and “Best in Category” (both from LightFair 2012), “Best of Security Products” (ASIS12 Accolades), and “Homeland Security Finalist – Best Perimeter Protection Solution” (Government Security News).


The system that has drawn so much attention from both the Lighting and Security industries is CAST Lighting’s LED Perimeter Lighting system. The system consists of compact, energy-efficient security lights (mounted on chain link fence posts) powered by a small 24-volt transformer. These lights, positioned every 20 to 30 feet, provide highly targeted, inexpensive illumination along extremely long fence lines.


One of the LightFair award judges commented, “Never has so little light done so much work. We found this to be a simple, clean, efficient, energy-effective solution which could be used on nearly every property. It leverages the best benefits of LED – low voltage operation, optical efficiency, small size and long life for a truly robust security lighting solution.”


Paul Boucherle of Security Sales and Integration remarked, “Good lighting is a necessary component to any outdoor [security] video design. In the past this factor became a limiter due to high installation costs – often reducing security coverage or killing the feasibility of a project.This new product allows low-voltage integrators new ways to retain installation revenues while implementing a complete security solution.”


A judge from Architectural Products remarked, “I love the overall fixture design – particularly its practicality. Excellent bang for the buck!”

Steve Parrott, CAST Lighting’s Communication and Marketing Director, comments on these industry accolades, “While it’s great to receive recognition from these awards committees, the proof of a product’s success is in its acceptance by integrators and end users. During the past few months, we’ve been inundated with requests and orders from all manners of industries. A few customers who have either specified or installed the product are a prison, an oil refinery, a radio station, a hotel, and a secure data facility. Many other groups from several nations are evaluating the product including the military, Homeland Security, and mining interests.The broad scope of these prospects has been astounding.”

A recent case study was undertaken that compared the CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System to a High Pressure Sodium (HPS) system – both systems had comparable lighting coverage. The venue was a 200-foot fence surrounding a storage yard at a wholesale distributor. The CAST system included (10) LED Perimeter Lights and was installed in three hours. The HPS system was not installed but a local contractor prepared an estimate of product and installation costs.


The comparison showed that the CAST system resulted in the following savings (10-year projection): Material and Labor (73%), Energy Cost (85%), Maintenance (97%), Total 10-Year Savings – $7,205.


The cost savings of the CAST system were primarily the result of fence-mounting of both luminaires and wire, and advanced LED circuitry.This replaces the typical practice of installing extremely bright luminaires on tall poles. Typical lighting methods are usually cost prohibitive for long, remote perimeter fences – not so with the CAST system.


In addition to providing extensive documentation, calculators, and installation instructions, CAST Lighting has pre-specified Perimeter Lighting Kits. 16 kits are available, identified by fence length, fixture spacing, and input voltage. This greatly simplifies the integrator’s job and ensures that all system components (luminaires, transformer, wire, photocell, and connectors) are specified correctly.