New buildings are constructed every year. Automatically long fences of protection are deployed on high-risk sites. Not only high-risk sites but also public parks pathways and commercial buildings. also includes airports, military, government offices, private property, farms, etc. It is practically impossible to guard long fences of sites such as airports with manpower. Therefore, cameras, sensors, and electric fences monitor the premises instead.

CAST Perimeter lighting is low-cost, low-voltage, and durable compared to Argos security lights.

CAST Perimeter lighting better than Argos security lights

Lighting possesses significant value to perimeter lighting. However, choosing the right one is a decision to make. Many companies provide security equipment and lighting for that matter. With that said, CAST Perimeter Lighting is the leading brand. CAST Perimeter Lighting fixtures are durable and resilient to extreme temperatures. Moreover, our products work perfectly with an intelligent security network. The same feature is not available in Argos security lights.

Not only this, our customers and associate partners trust us for coming up with innovative solutions. Our prime goal is to develop modern solutions to complex problems. Ultimately, your security is unbreachable.

Beyond Security Lighting

CAST Perimeter Lighting partnered with EtherWAN switch for a unique solution. CAST Perimeter PoE works with the EtherWAN switch. Promoting power over ethernet for powering lights and IoT devices. Also, one device and control everything from there. 2 slots for CAST Perimeter PoE and 6 for IoT devices. Catching interest? Visit our website to learn more!/p>

CAST Lighting award-winning LED technology

Our CAST Lighting newly invented LED technology. It is highly popular among our clients. Moreover, illuminating your fence increases the visual capability of guards and cameras. Since most of the disturbances are likely to happen in night hours so, you are most vulnerable at night. Therefore, mounting a perimeter around the property is very important with robust lighting to illuminate the fence. CAST Perimeter Lighting offers LED infrared lighting as well.

CPL3 Lights

CAST Perimeter Lighting offers not one but two infrared lights. Second, in line is CPL3 infrared night owl generation 3 series. In case an event occurs CPL3 infrared also switches to white light. This feature saves energy and cost.


We understand that electrical components fail at times. Therefore, we have a warranty policy in place for all our products. Furthermore, product sheets are available for technical data.


Increase the effectiveness of your perimeter security system with reliable CAST Perimeter Lighting products. Hence, rely on Argos security lights for optimal security. Choose the industry leader CAST Perimeter Lighting to ensure the safety and protection of your infrastructure.

Visit our website to find our local office near you. What is waiting for? Place your order now. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!