With the advent of the LED lights, the face of perimeter security is revolutionized. It is now brighter than ever before, literally. CAST Perimeter brings low-voltage, low-cost LED lights for perimeter security. You can integrate these lights with your pre-existing security systems and laser perimeter alarms for better performance of security systems at the perimeters.

How does CAST Lights work with laser perimeter alarms:

We know that laser perimeter alarms work with waves sensing the changes in heat and temperature. If a person moves through the range of that sensor, the body heat is detected by the sensors and it rings the alarms. The timely ringing of the alarms will alert the respective authorities and help to take necessary action against the intruder.

If your laser perimeter alarms are integrated with our CAST Perimeter lights, then upon the detection of an intruder, the lights will also go on, further alarming the authorities and scaring the intruders away.

The Advantages of Alarms and Perimeter Lights:

One of the biggest benefits of a laser perimeter alarm is that it not only helps detect an intruder or a thief. But it also helps to scare off any stray animals that may have found their way into your premises by mistake. The suddenly increased intensity of the lights and the buzzing of the alarms will scare off any intruders, be it animals or intentional burglars.

CAST Perimeter Lighting Products and Kits:

Our engineers have worked tirelessly to create products that are both feasible to use and low in cost. We are offering a series of lighting products along with necessary accessories.

Some of the most used products from CAST Perimeter are:

  • Perimeter lights

  • Transformers

  • Photocells
  • Dry Contact Closure Interface
  • Wire rolls
  • Ready to install kits

While all of the products give the best results when used individually, the Pre-Engineered Ready-To-Install Kits from CAST Perimeter are the ones that will provide all the lighting solutions to you.

Pre-Engineered Ready-To-Install Kits:

We have compiled all of the lighting products into pre-engineered ready-to-install kits that you can use for lighting up your perimeters. There are three categories of kits based on the lighting products included and their models.

There are the Following Categories of Kits Available.

  • CPL2 with 20 ft spacing
  • Gen3 with 20 ft spacing
  • Gen3 with 30 ft spacing

Choose the Kit of your Choice:

Furthermore, there are also different types of kits depending upon the length of the fence to be illuminated. We can cover a fence length from 80 ft up to 1200 ft. Choose a kit by the fence length and the lighting product preference and you’re good to install it along with your laser perimeter alarms.

CAST Perimeter provides the best perimeter lighting products. We are a name of trust in the world of perimeter lighting and security, and hence, we stand by our name. Striving to provide you the best low-voltage and low-cost lighting products to light up your perimeters. Because if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.