One of the first steps towards maintaining adequate security at your property is securing your perimeters first. Surely, you cannot maintain effective security in the insides of the buildings without first making sure that the perimeters are safe. Many different technologies, methods, and devices are available in the market to help ensure adequate perimeter security. But first, you need to understand what type of perimeter intruder detection systems do you need at the perimeters.

The Need For Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems:

Statistics show that criminals and burglars are more likely drawn towards areas that appear to be shady with no adequate protection systems. Therefore, it is important that you let the intruders know that you are ready to fight them off!

Furthermore, you can integrate perimeter lights with your perimeter intruder detection systems. It will not only help you have a better vision but will also aid in warding off the intruders from a good distance. 
Let us see which company offers the most suitable perimeter lights.

CAST Perimeter Lights:

If you are looking for a fine perimeter lights manufacturer, then you are at the right place.
 CAST Perimeter is a leading name in the industry of perimeter lights and its associated accessories. Years of experience in the field have polished our craftsmanship and you can see the result from your own eyes. Our six lighting products are ready to meet all your perimeter lighting requirements. They can cover all types of perimeters and give competent results when integrated with perimeter intruder detection systems. You just have to make the right decision and choose a product that best suits your perimeter needs.
Following, we will explain how different lights can be used on different types of perimeters.

For Low-to-Medium Risk Areas:

CPL2 Series from CAST Perimeter is a perfect choice if you are looking to light up a low-to-medium risk area. For instance, you can use these lights at college campuses, public parks, pathways, and other residential and commercial properties, etc.

For High-Security Areas:

You can use the CPL3 Series for lighting up areas like airports, electrical substations, data centers, power grids, etc. Moreover, you can also use them in temporary as well as permanent military setups for enhanced protection at the perimeters.

For Night-Time Security:

Nighttime security is a sensitive issue because it is harder for the security cameras to capture clearer images at nighttime, so they fail to provide adequate security. We bring Infrared lighting solutions for solving this problem. Two of our products like the CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series and IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights are ideal choices to use with surveillance cameras at night time. Additionally, the infrared lights are invisible to the naked eye so they can function to capture clearer CCTV footage without the knowledge of the intruder. It gives the authorities an edge over the intruders and helps in catching them.
In conclusion, CAST Perimeter comes with all the solutions for lighting up your perimeter intruder detection systems. Call us now to light up your premises, and remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.