We live in a fast-paced digital age, and security systems are getting advanced quickly. However, the methods used to break through the security systems are also changing rapidly. A simple yet effective solution for this is to use different security systems together. For instance, you can use RBtec IRONCLAD Fence Alarm Systems to control your CAST Perimeter lights.

RBtec IRONCLAD Fence Alarm Systems

IRONCLAD fence alarm systems use state-of-the-art technology to differentiate between wind, snow, and rain. The sensors are so finely tuned; they can detect people climbing the fence. This converts passive security systems such as fences into active security systems.

Combination of RBtec IRONCLAD and CAST Perimeter

You can make your perimeter even more secure by placing CAST Perimeter lights along with IRONCLAD fences. This combination provides you with a robust and secure perimeter security system. Perimeter security systems do not defend against intruders. Rather, they detect, deter and delay intruders till security personnel arrive.

CAST Lighting Products

Currently, we have the following products in our lineup:

  • CPL3 GEN 3
  • CPL3IR Night Owl
  • CPL2
  • Wall Pack Light
  • Infrared Wall Pack Light


CPL3 GEN 3 is our most innovative product ever. It is one of the best perimeter security lights in the market. CPL3 is compatible with third-party accessories such as IRONCLAD fence alarm systems. As a result, you can create an automated perimeter lighting setup with the addition of sensors and radars. You can customize your CPL3 setup using extensions and spacing kits.

CPL3IR Night Owl

The CPL3IR helps IR cameras work better during nighttime by emitting infrared rays. Furthermore, the Night Owl can switch between infrared and visible light modes. For instance, if an intruder is detected, the IR light system can instantly turn into a regular perimeter light.


CPL2 is designed to help project light in a 40-feet diameter. The primary use of CPL2 is to provide enough light for CCTV cameras to operate during the night. CPL2 incorporates a safe 24-volt system that makes it extremely energy-efficient. On top of that, CPL2 remains protected from power surges.

Wall Pack Lights

CAST Wall Pack Lights are portable and easy-to-install lighting solutions. Light up areas around buildings with efficient and long-lasting Wall Pack Lights. Furthermore, there is an infrared version of the Wall Pack Light as well. The IR version helps flood narrow areas with infrared beams to allow IR cameras to work better at night.

Features of CAST Products

  • Low-voltage technology
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy to install

CAST Lighting continues to improve its products. As a result, we bring you the best perimeter lighting solutions in the world. Order now and protect your property today. And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!