Perimeter intrusion detection is an emerging field and rightly so! You deserve to stay safe and to go to every length to keep yourself and your assets safe. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about perimeter security is a boundary or a fence to mark your premises. It acts as a sign that your property starts from a certain point. And no intruder or invader is allowed after that point. Mostly, we use chain-link fences for this purpose along with chain-link fence security alarms. Integrate your chain-link fences with perimeter lights for further enhancing the level of safety.

Putting up chain-link fence security alarms for robust security:

Alarms are of great significance when it comes to intrusion detection. After all, you cannot monitor the entire premises at each moment of the day or night, even with the help of surveillance cameras. So, the chain-link fence security alarms will alert you and the concerned authorities in case of an intrusion. Or if an unwanted guest lands on your property without your approval.

Boost the efficacy of fence alarms at night with perimeter lights:

Integrating perimeter lights with your alarms is one of the most efficient methods to boost the performance of security at the borders. Lights can instantly change the way security works. Moreover, you can also set the lights with the fence alarms, such that they will turn on when the alarms start ringing at intrusion detection. In this way, not only the security personnel will be notified, but the lights will also help them in catching or recognizing the intruder.

Additionally, it will also help to scare the intruder and not proceed with his ill-intentions towards the property.

Ward-off stray animals with perimeter lights and fence alarms:

Another benefit of perimeter lights and chain-link fence security alarms is that they not only work to scare off the intruders but also help to ward off stray animals. It is especially important for properties in remote areas like industries or factories, where there is a higher risk of stray animals finding their way into your property. They may not only cause harm to themselves but also the precious assets of the company. You can prevent such incidents by taking timely measures and reduce false alarms

CAST Perimeter Lighting Products:

We offer innovative lighting solutions for all your perimeter lighting needs. Our products are low-cost, low-voltage, easy to install along with long life (average 18 years) and can work to deliver efficient performance. Offering easy integration and easy installation services, so that you can use them effortlessly with other systems like the chain-link fence security alarms.

To enumerate, there are six lighting products by CAST. Our talented and experienced engineers and designers built these so that each product fits all your perimeter lighting needs.

Contact CAST Perimeter today or visit our website for all the information and details about our products. Light up your perimeters for boosted security at the borders and remember if it is not lit, it is not secure.